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Divine Appointments - "Beloved Disciple"
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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In this series, we will examine Jesus' interactions with different characters in the Gospel of John, so that we can better understand how Jesus interacts with us and learn how we can better interact with others.
The Beloved Disciple in the Gospel of John:

The Beloved Disciple is only mentioned in the Gospel of John, at least by this title. Matthew, Mark and Luke don't mention anyone with this title. One author describes the Beloved Disciple this way:

"He appears close to Jesus in the gospel's climactic scenes, and the evangelist carefully defines his relationship to Jesus, Peter, and the... community. It is now generally understood that the Beloved Disciple was a real historical person who has representative, paradigmatic or symbolic significance in John. In this he is unlike the other... characters only in that he is the ideal disciple, the paradigm of discipleship. He has no misunderstandings."
The Beloved Disciple and Peter:

Here is a good summary of the relationship of Peter and the Beloved Disciple:

"At the last supper, Peter cannot, or at least does not, ask Jesus who the betrayer is. He motions for the Beloved Disciple to do so, but he is not privileged to know the answer to his question. Peter denies Jesus three times; the Beloved Disciple follows Jesus to the cross. The Beloved Disciple got to the empty tomb first. Peter enters first, but only the Beloved Disciple perceives and believes. At the lake, the Beloved Disciple is again the first to perceive who the stranger is. Peter will no longer boast that he loves Jesus more than the other disciples, among whom is the Beloved Disciple. When Peter begins to question the future of the Beloved Disciple he is told that it is no concern of his. He is to follow Jesus just as the Beloved Disciple was already doing."
Beloved Disciple's Testimony

The scripture passage below makes clear that the entire Gospel of John is based on the testimony and witness of the Beloved Disciple. This could mean that the Beloved Disciple's name was John and that the Beloved Disciple wrote this gospel. Or, it could mean that one of the students of the Beloved Disciple wrote down the testimony of the Beloved Disciple in this gospel, after reading and hearing this testimony numerous times and at the command of the Beloved Disciple. Regardless, the Gospel of John is based on the claims of an eyewitness to Jesus' life, someone who was there with Jesus throughout his ministry.

Identifying The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

The phrase, "... the disciple whom Jesus loved..." is used six times in John's gospel but, who was he?

1. The Beloved Disciple is never identified in the Gospel of John, nor in the other gospels. From the end of the Gospel of John, though, we know that his testimony serves as the basis for this Gospel. Why do you think the Gospel of John presents the Beloved Disciple as anonymous?

2. Do you ever compare yourself to others? Is there someone specific in your life you've regularly compared yourself to?

3. Do you ever find yourself looking down on someone's else's faith because they believe differently than you do, or express their faith differently than you do?

4. When Peter becomes focused on the Beloved Disciple, Jesus emphatically tells Peter, "You follow me." What lessons can we take from Jesus' instruction to Peter?

1. Is there someone you have compared yourself to? Who is it?

2. What is it about him or her that you appreciate?

3. Jesus has created each of us unique, because Jesus needs unique people to reach as many people as possible with the news that Jesus loves them. What special gifts do you have that might help people know that Jesus loves them?

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