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2.21.2021 | Nehemiah - Week 10
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February 21, 2021

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God Answers Prayer

21 Wednesdays of Fasting and Prayer

Wed., Jan. 6 ~ Wed., May 26, 2021

We will fast Breakfast and Lunch and take time to pray for:

Salvation for our families, friends and community
1 Timothy 2:3-4
This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. NIV

Health for our families and church body
James 5:15
And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. NIV

The Lord’s direction for our property
Proverbs 2:6
For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. NIV

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Week 9 - February 21, 2021 - Pastor Jeff Bender

Last week we finished chapter 7 of the book of Nehemiah.

We have learned so far, that Nehemiah was a great leader and despite all the opposition he received from those outside the Jewish community as well as some he received from within his own nation, he was able to complete an almost impossible task of rebuilding the walls and gates around Jerusalem.

Now the walls and gate were finished, and people were beginning to trickle back in.
Remember the order of events.

Nehemiah is granted permission to come and rebuild the walls and gates from the King of Babylon.

Ezra had tried a few years before to do that, but was unable.

When Nehemiah arrived, there were only a few Jewish people that were there. They were the ones who helped to rebuild.

Once the walls were done, then they were charged with bringing the remaining Jews from Babylon.

Chapter 7 tells us all those who returned. If you remember, we said that God gave us that detailed list to show us that people matter to God.

He could have just said X number of Jew returned. But he made it a point to list all the leaders of the tribes because people mattered to God.

Sometimes when we think about all the believers in all the churches in the world, we might assume that God forgot about us.

But the Bible says not only does God know who you are, but he knows the number of hairs on your head.
So at chapter 8, all the people have returned and are ready for the next chapter in their lives.

Right now, I think the church in general is in between chapters 7 & 8.

With the quarantining and closings and nervousness that abounds, slowly many are returning to in person meetings. Just like those in Babylon were returning to Jerusalem.

And this return might signal a new chapter in our lives personally as well as a new chapter in the church. In effect we have been “exiled” and now we have been given the green light to return. Just like the Jews were given the green light to return to Jerusalem.

So for the Jewish people, what was the next step?

The end of chapter 7 and the beginning of chapter 8 tells us what the first thing was that the nation did. Man put in chapter and verses, so this seems to be a unfortunate break in a single thought.
So not only is it 2 verses, it is 2 chapters, but the thought and meaning is one.

Once the situation had calmed down and people were unpacked, settled in, now it was time to gather together before God.

As the situation around us currently is calming down, and people are getting back to a normal routine, part of that routine should be gathering together before God.

As we have mentioned many times, there is always a meaning and purpose behind what God writes in his word.
It’s not a coincidence that they assemble at the water gate.

If we remember our study on the gates, the water gate stands for the Word of God.

Water stands for a few things in God’s word.

1) Water stands for cleansing:
2) Water for drinking stands for the Holy Spirit using the word of God to teach us.
So there’s a reason they assemble at the water gate.

The first and most important thing for the nation of Israel and for us is to have God’s word taught to us.

Nehemiah calls for a Bible conference and invites Ezra to be the teacher. Why? The walls were done, the people were settled in and the very first thing Nehemiah does is call the people before God to hear His word.

The material needs were met, now it was time for the spiritual needs to be met. Nehemiah didn’t want the people to get so settled in and into a routine that they were neglecting the word of God.

The first thing is to get them before God and let that be the pattern they follow. It’s easy to get into a pattern of neglecting God, either in our devotional life or church life that the word of God now becomes down on the list.

Jesus addressed this with the parable of the sower and the seed.
We need to be watchful that we don’t get into a routine that puts gathering together or your devotional life low on your priority list.

So they gather together.
This was probably the Pentateuch. The first 5 books of the Bible. The law of Moses.
Again the date is not an accident. This particular date is the Jewish New Year!

During this month, the Jews were supposed to celebrate, The Feast of Trumpets on the first day (Rosh Hashana-describing the rapture),
The Day of Atonement on the 10th day, (Yom Kippur)-signifying Christ’s atonement for our sins

And the Feast of Tabernacles on the 15th. (Sukkoth) When Jewish men were commanded to return to Jerusalem to worship.

Jesus preached this sermon during the time of this feast.
Some commentators believe that John referenced this back in John 1 . . .
So this month was a perfect time to get right with God and make a new beginning.

The truth is whenever you commit yourselves to God, whenever that is, that is a new beginning for you. A fresh start.

Nehemiah also called everyone who was able to understand. The NLT says men, women and children who were able to understand.

I think it’s perfectly ok to have children in the adult service if they can understand what is going on. We used to always have our kids in the service. We sat in the back row and they colored or whatever, but they were in church.
Look at the timeframe. Daybreak (what? 7:00 am? 6:00?) until noon.

So at least 5 solid hours of reading and listening to God’s word.
We can assume that these men with him were leaders representing the tribes. And that they were chosen by either Ezra or Nehemiah or both.

It’s one thing to have one guy preach to you. But if you know that he is supported by a number of well- respected people, his words have more weight.

The people would have known who they were and would have trusted them.

I look for recommendations for anything I read, teach, watch.

Be careful of someone that nobody has ever heard of.
First, Ezra was teaching from the book of the law.

It wasn’t anything else. It wasn’t any other publication at that time. The only thing that preachers should preach from is God’s word. We might reference a quote or something from another publication, but only as it helps clarify God’s word.

Paul quoted famous people when he preached, but only to support what God was saying. Sermons should only focus on God’s word. Because God’s word is the only thing that will help you.

My opinion, or thoughts or convictions do nothing for you spiritually.

It says that all the people saw him. They all knew what he was preaching from. They could see it was The law of Moses.

And they stood up in respect for what God was saying.

When someone reads a verse before worship, we ask you to stand in respect for God’s word.
Notice the order.

First they responded with enthusiasm and excitement. They praised the lord. Raised their hands, said Amen! Then they bowed and worshipped.

It went from exuberance to humility. They praised God for who he is, then they realized how much they needed him how much they owed him and became humble before him.

We call the music portion of our service “Praise and Worship."

We start out with upbeat songs so we can show our enthusiasm and excitement about being a believer. Excitement at how good God has been to us.

Then we slow the music so we can realize our desperate need for God and how much we owe him for all he has done for us. The sacrifice that Jesus made should humble us and allow us to worship Him.
As Ezra read from the book of the law, the priests were there to make sure the people understood what Ezra was reading.

That was their job and responsibility.
A pastor’s job isn’t just to give you information, but to make sure it is understandable and applicable to your lives.

The manuscripts that Ezra was reading from was what was written 1000 years before this, and the language had changed.

The Hebrew at this time was different than the Hebrew of 1000 years ago.

So the Levites had to make sure they understood in today’s vernacular what was being said.

How many of us have a hard time reading the original KJV?
Have you ever tried to read anything from 1700’s?

That’s why there are different translations, not because the Bible has changed, but because the language has changed.
The Bible is not just information to know, but a living document designed to change our lives.

If it were possible to memorize the New Testament in the original Greek, (phonetically) but now know the meaning, do you think that would help you in your walk with God?

These guys probably mingled in the crowd and were available to answer the questions that the people had about what they heard.

So we see 2 examples or different settings that churches use today.
1) You have the corporate meeting with everyone present and one person preaching.

2) You have smaller groups with someone leading but having interaction within the group.

We have that today. We have the church service and we have SS. Both are needed and beneficial to our spiritual growth and understanding.
How often when we read something or hear a sermon do we instantly feel guilt or conviction?

We hear something that shows us that we are sinning in one area of our life and we feel guilty about it.

That’s partly good, because that is what God’s word is supposed to do.
But if we know God’s word, we’ll know that Christ paid the price for our sins.
So instead of weeping, we should be praising God.

They just celebrated the Day of Atonement, which God had taken away their sins thru animal sacrifice.

They should be rejoicing in their forgiveness. God has delivered us from our sins and the punishment that comes with them thru the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Regardless of what else is happening, we should rejoice that we have a right relationship with God.

Notice the order: Conviction of sin. Conviction leads to repentance (which brings about joy) Then celebration.
If we come to church or study God’s word out of obligation or duty, we miss the joy and celebration that God has designed for us.

We will never receive the treasures or blessings from it.
If we delight in God’s word, as we read it, we should realize that God is speaking directly to you thru His word.

The God of the universe has written a love letter to you.

When we leave this morning, we should leave rejoicing when we think about all God’s word says about you.

We said at the beginning, that people matter to God.

You matter to God and the only way we know that is by knowing His word.
And yes, it says that we can leave rejoicing then go and eat choice foods and sweet drinks.

But why do we go eat (besides the fact that we are hungry)?

Better question-HOW do we go eat?
Do we understand what God’s word says about us?

If we do, then we should leave with great joy, not because church is over, but because we understand what God says about us.

Thank you for joining us!

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