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Relationship: Covenant
Help establish what “That” is when people say I want that in my relationship, what is it that they really want? What God designed us wanting is still available inside of marriage the way God designed it.
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Relationship Goals: Covenant
How do we keep from drifting and disconnecting from each other?
There is always STUFF in our lives. What if Marriage (relationships) are more about making us Holy than making us happy?
God always has a plan for us, but we need to make a choice. A choice to follow his plan.
I'm convinced God uses messes or hard stuff to reveal something new of His Character, His purposes, and often the area in our life that needs to shift to align with Him.
God’s patience with us to continue to become more like Him is all over this verse. Why does God choose to allow us to choose, why does He continue to offer us second and third and 7 times 70th chances?
God's Grace for us could become our Grace for others.
Have you considered that the Stuff in your life, the “hard stuff “ is an opportunity for Grace to be at work through you?
Prayer of Salvation:
Jesus, I believe you came because you love us, you Died on the cross because you love us and you rose again because you desired to make a way for me to be with you now and in Heaven. I am sorry for sinning and going my own way, please forgive me. God be the King of my life, I invite you right now to come and change my heart and life. Amen
If you prayed the Prayer of Salvation, do these three things:
1. Tell someone that you started a relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. Talk to God and tell him about your life. Just talk to him like you would to a friend because HE is your friend,
3. Check out that reading plan below.


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