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February 7, 2021
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2. Get ready and look your best.
3. Ruth followed the instructions of her mother-in-law. The threshing floor was significant, both in Old and New Testaments. It was commonly on the harvest field and was a hard, smooth, rock surface. The farmer usually remained all night, both to protect his crop and to winnow. The operation was in the evening to catch the breezes and they often ate and slept there. The duty was so important that the master often took it himself.
4. Ruth uncovered Boaz' feet and lays down. This was not at all a sexual invitation, but a sign of submission.
6. Ruth humbly proposed to Boaz. Ruth had a right, but instead of demanding, she humbly asked. It was not forward but proper.
7. This proposal was a dangerous mission and could have brought fear to Ruth.
a. It was a woman proposing to a man.
b. It was a young woman to an older man.
c. It was a field laborer to the field owner.
d. It was a foreigner to a citizen.
B. It was character that made the difference...
1. The character of both Ruth and Boaz was very clear.
2. Ruth and Boaz had been in each other’s company for months. (A bit like group dating.)
3. Boaz was aware of his relationship to Ruth but would not force himself on her. Boaz was older and didn’t think he would be attractive to Ruth.
4. Ruth may not have been fully aware of the culture and the practices, as Naomi ended up guiding her.
5. Ruth was drawn to Boaz by his kindness and his character.
6. Boaz was attracted to Ruth’s character, her moral strength, her values, and her integrity. (Hero)
7. Ruth’s proposal to Boaz said, “I trust you. I respect you. I put my fate in your hands.”
C. Boaz was one of the family (kinsman) redeemers…
1. A Kinsman-Redeemer or family redeemer must:
a. Be related by blood to those he redeems.
b. Be able to pay the price of redemption.
c. Be willing to redeem.
d. Be free himself.
2. The family redeemer was established to stabilize a disrupted family circumstance. God values family.
a. He would reacquire property lost by family members who had fallen on hard times.
b. He would redeem relatives because of poverty who had sold themselves into slavery.
c. He would avenge relatives who died at the hands of others.
d. He could receive payments owed to dead relatives.
e. He would alleviate wrongs that could be alleviated.
3. Boaz’ integrity remained intact. He loved Ruth enough to just want the best for her.
4. Boaz did not want Ruth’s character tarnished and made it known that no one must know she spent the night on the threshing floor.
5. Boaz sent her home to Naomi with more grain.
6. Naomi knew what this all meant.
1. Boaz was committed to purity. Both Ruth and Boaz were placed in the way of impurity, but both chose purity. Are you committed to purity in your relationships? God is calling all of us to that commitment.
2. Boaz loved Ruth enough to want the best for her, even if it wasn’t to benefit him. True love always seeks the best for those you love. Are you willing to set aside your own needs for the love of others?
3. Boaz and Ruth were willing to follow God’s will in God’s way. They believed that if God were really directing this relationship, then they would follow the proper way. If you wait, God will always bring His will in His timing. Are you willing to follow God’s will in God’s way?

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