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Sunday Morning Service
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II Kings 1
Message To A Dead Man

1. How does God deal with a dead man?
2. II Kings 1 God speaks to a man who is going to die. Do you know what’s worse than a man
who is going to die? A man who is dead and goes right on living…without Christ you are
dead in trespasses and sin.

How does God deal with a dead man?
A. Revelation 1-6
1. God’s Witness 1, 2
a. Politically 1 Ahaziah’s world had no purpose, no meaning and was filled with
reversals. God Speaks!
*During his reign of about one year his world fell apart. He was into ship building
with Jehoshaphat and it was destroyed by the Lord. (3:4 with 1:1)
*Watch when your world is falling apart. We want to grasp what isn’t ours! Life
has little purpose. There is a God-shaped emptiness in each of us. You will fill it
with something.
b. Physically 2 He fell from the upper chamber of the palace.
*“More bad luck!” No! Ahaziah…turn from your sin! See God’s hand drawing
you to Himself.
*Watch when your personal life is shaken: Drugs, Divorce, lost job, etc. God says,
“Wake Up!” It’s not about you!
*Watch when things don’t go as expected, when reversals set in. Jesus says,
“Come, cast all your cares on Me.”
*How does Ahaziah respond? He runs 40 miles West to inquire at a shrine of
Baalzebub (a name Jews gave poking fun at Baal which means, ‘lord of the
flies’). He didn’t get the message. He ran to a well that would not satisfy.
*Today, where do we run? Psychologist: get rid of guilt. Religion: something to
sooth. Drugs/Alcohol to deaden the pain.
*He missed the Fountain of Life: “Is there no God in Israel?” He failed to
realize that he bowed to the wrong god!! Many do the same thing today!
2. God’s Word 3-6 Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. When
God speaks, you know it! Thus saith the Lord…(4, 6, 16)
a.The Man 3, 4 The Angel of the Lord is the preincarnate Christ.
* Elijah go he gives the place, the people, the pronouncement (what to say). Testify what I tell you: God is alive and well!
*Before anyone gets saved they must see their condition. Elijah departed!
b. The Messengers 5, 6 They related what Elijah had told them. The Holy Spirit
must speak to the dead. He uses stammering attempts and hits the heart!
B. Response 7, 8 They are ready to turn to God. WRONG! God’s revelation is an
invitation for me to become involved in what He is doing. We must adjust our lives!
1.Changes the Subject 7 Eternal matters are getting too close.
2.Concentrates On the Servant Who is this man? Adjust your life to God’s revelation. No way! He gets his eyes on the man. It is so today: “Too many hypocrites.” “Did you see his suit?” “Boy is he dull and dry.”
3.Condemned, but not Changed/Converted 8 “It is God’s man, Elijah the Tishbite.” Kill the messenger!! Elijah is the problem. Let’s get rid of him.
Jesus gets too close: quit coming to church…it gets too hot… “I don’t come to feel guilty!”

How does God deal with a dead man?
A. Contempt 9, 11
“Let me illustrate…there is a powerful, all consuming God in Israel.”
1.“You don’t talk to me like that. I am the king!” Every dead man is king of his life!
2.“You want me to listen to you? Never!” Man of God (9, 10, 11, 12, 13) God is speaking through a man.
B. Consumed 10, 12
1.It is the same fire as on Mt. Carmel!
2.Bypass God’s sacrifice and God’s judgment awaits!
3.It is the same fire that burns the dross in our lives!
4.The wrath of God either falls on the sacrifice or the sinner. Jesus Christ is our Sacrifice, our Substitute!

How does God deal with a dead man?
A. The Attitude of Adjustment 13
He fell on his knees before Elijah.
1.Do you know what keeps most from salvation and blessing? Pride: “I can stand.” “I need no one.”
2.A proud lawyer asked a farmer: “Why don’t you hold your head up in the world?” “I bow my head to neither God nor man.” Farmer: “Do you see the field of grain? Only the heads of grain which are empty are upright. The well filled ones bow low.”
3.This is the attitude to receive. Fall on God’s mercy!
B. The Appropriation of Adjustment
“Let my life be precious in thy sight.”
1.“I don’t deserve it.” “God be merciful to me a sinner.”
2.Thank you for life. Thank you for the Cross. He that hath the Son hath life.

How does God deal with a dead man?
A. Patience 15, 16
Elijah doesn’t move unless God says so.
1.God is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II Pt. 3:9)
2.“Ahaziah, how about you?”
B. Perish 17 (4, 6, 16)
1.So he died… You can count on God’s Word. You can order your life by God’s Word. God doesn’t lie!
2.The way of Baalzebub is the way of death! He didn’t want to die, but he didn’t want to live for God. TOO LATE!
3.So he died: Not read for eternity…Not ready to meet God…Not ready to give an account! It is appointed unto man once to die…after this the judgment.

Has God been speaking to you? It’s prime time!
One day He may never speak again!
One day God’s judgment will fall. Are you ready?

Christian, has sin brought deadness into your life? GET IT OUT!

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