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Living In The Battle
Dan DeRoche | Ephesians 6:10-12
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The Battlefield
1. The battlefield is personal
2. The battlefield is supernatural
The Enemy - The Devil / Satan
1. He is not everywhere like God is
2. Satan is powerful, we must be aware of that , however, he is not nearly as powerful as God
3. Schemes: Satan wars against believers and unbelievers
The Reality
• The battle has already been won
• Satan has been defeated
Ways we are strengthened by God
1. We are strengthened by His Word
2. We must BE and BECOME people of prayer
Strategic, Tactical and Logistical

Strategic Prayer- This refers to the ultimate objective. The overall plan to win the war.

Tactical Prayer - This is praying for specific things necessary to achieve the objective.

Logistical Prayer - This kind of prayer is simply giving us what we need to stay in the battle.

Strategic - “God will you move powerfully in our city that many people who do not know you will turn their hearts to you and be transformed by your love and power.”

Tactical - “God I pray that our friends, co-workers, classmates, and family members will understand who you are and what you did for them on the cross. May they experience your love, grace, and power in ways they never have before.”

Logistical - “God we pray you heal those who are sick, we pray you provide financially and practically for those in need.”
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