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January 24, 2021
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A. Boaz, a new character in our story…
1. Boaz meant “mighty man of valor.” He was a wealthy and influential man.
“Now there was a wealthy and influential man…”
2. Boaz was a kind and considerate employer.
4. Boaz was a man moved by Ruth’s love and protection of her mother-in-law.
5. Boaz was a man of character.
(Other translations refer to him as “a prominent man of noble character.”)
6. Boaz was compassionate toward Ruth, a Moabitess.
7. Boaz’ mother was a Canaanite.
(Read Joshua chapter 2 for more info.)
a. Rahab the Harlot was Boaz’ mother.
b. Rahab had saved the lives of the two spies.
c. Jericho was a wicked, corrupt, and depraved city that worshipped Ashtoreth the moon goddess, known as the goddess of war and love. Worship was often practiced with prostitution.
d. Rahab saved, not only herself, but also her parents, brothers and sisters, and all their family members.
e. Rahab’s courage and faith in the God of Israel saved her and her family.
f. Rahab and her family were foreigners who came to Israel.
g. Rahab became the first gentile convert in the Bible.
h. Rahab married Salmon, from a leading family in the nation, and they became the parents of Boaz.
B. Ruth’s character continued to develop…
2. Ruth had a strong work ethic.
3. Ruth was humble and gracious.
5. Ruth was compassionate and caring toward her mother-in-law.
C. Who does God choose to use?
1. Boaz was a man of character.
As we continue to walk in faithfulness, God continues to reveal His will. How would others describe your character?
2. Boaz was a man of patience and faith. Boaz had waited and was trusting God. God calls us to wait on Him patiently. His ways and His timing are critical to discovering His will. Are you waiting on a promise the Lord has given? Are you believing by faith that God will fulfill His promise?
3. Ruth was willing to take initiative. She didn’t just sit and wait for God to provide, she struck out to find what was needed. Sometimes we need to do more than sit. We may need to start knocking on doors to see where God is leading…not aggressively but diligently. Take initiative and move forward.
4. Ruth was willing to demonstrate her faith by action. Throughout Scripture, we see the importance of putting our faith into practice. If you believe, then you will act. What is God calling you to act on? Where do you need to put your faith into practice?
5. Remember, God’s grace covers you. His grace covers your past. His grace covers your sin. His grace is greater than anything the enemy would bring before you! God desires to work through your life when you are willing to surrender to His will!

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