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I Am - The Bread of Life
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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In the Gospel of John, Jesus introduces himself to the world through a variety of metaphors that begin with two words - I am. "I am the true vine... the bread of life... the light of the world...", etc. In his own words, Jesus illuminated his character and truest identity. This week's worship continues our six-week series called, Two Words That Change Everything.

The Text In Context

The crowd asks, What must we do to do the works God requires? (v. 28). This is an incredible question. How many Christians today reach the height of this question?... Jesus goes to the heart of the matter... Our primary work is being receptive to God. All our actions and plans are dependent on the most important action--union with God in Christ by the Spirit. Ultimately it is not a matter of our working for God, but a matter of God's living his life and doing his work through us as we trust him and align ourselves with him by his grace.
Here is a quote from an author reflecting on the importance of bread in the ancient world:

"A well-known verse by Euripedes acknowledged that the essentials for life were grain and water, and others affirmed that where bread was lacking, death would soon result. It was even said that as the philosopher Democritus lay dying, he was kept alive for several days by the smell of fresh bread in his nostrils. In Greco-Roman tradition, bread was regarded as the gift of Demeter, the goddess of grain, and many assumed that those who ate bread should recognize her as its divine source."

(from "Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel" by Craig Koester, p. 102)
Deuteronomy 8:3 (below) shows how bread and the Law of God were associated in the Old Testament. Moses tells the Israelites that they cannot live on "bread alone," but that that every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord (the Law) sustains them.
When discussing giving, we have to be clear: We don't give to earn salvation. God gives salvation freely.

Martin Luther wrote, "God does not need your good works. But your neighbor does." We as Christians give because it reflects God's character, because it deepens our faith in God and because it helps others around us know they are loved and understand who God is.

What Does The Bible Say About Giving?

There is no question that generous giving is a cornerstone of the Christian faith, and that there is great joy in giving. We are all blessed by the giving of others, and we are all blessed to give...

1. What do you think bread symbolizes? Why would Jesus use this metaphor to explain who he is?

2. How can focusing on the past gifts of God make it difficult to see current gifts God is giving you?

3. Jesus calls himself the Bread of Life to remind us that God is constantly providing for us. In what ways can you see God providing for you now?

4. What is your practice of giving? What kind of causes or organizations have you given to in the past? Have your experiences of giving been a blessing? If not, why not? If so, how?

1. Think of a parent or a family member or friend who has taken care of you. What is a story that comes to mind of them?

2. When Jesus calls himself "The Bread of Life," he is saying that, through him, God wants to take care of you in the same way your family member or friend took care of you. Can you think of ways God has cared for you in the past?

3. Because Jesus takes care of us, it allows us to be generous with other people. Can you think of someone who may need a gift? How can you provide this for them?
Giving can be a constant reminder that God has first given to us. It can remind us of God's provision and can encourage us to be generous, thereby reflecting God's character.
If you don't already...
As is taught in scripture, consider first giving to the work of the church. This is known as a tithe.
Second, consider finding an organization or non-profit to which you could give financially for a set amount of time. This is known as an offering.
Third, learn more about the blessing of giving by participating in the six day devotional, I Like Giving, provided below.

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