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MPCC 5th-8th Grade Student Ministry
HABITS, Being Generous
Every person in this world has a mix of good habits and bad habits. Our good habits might help us stay healthy or make wise choices or be a trustworthy friend. And our bad habits might take us down roads that lead to unwise choices, dangerous addictions, or broken friendships. This six-lesson series is designed to help students develop some healthy habits—habits that will draw them closer to Jesus and keep their lives centered on him. And these six habits come together to form the easily remembered acronym of HABITS.
Locations & Times
  • MPCC Student Ministries Center
    407 N Bluff Rd, Greenwood, IN 46142, USA
    Saturday 6:00 PM, Sunday 9:15 AM
  • MPCC 5678 YouTube Channel
    Sunday 10:15 AM


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H: Hanging Out with Jesus
A: Attending Church
B: Being Generous
I: Investing in Healthy Friendships
T: Telling My Story
S: Serving Others
When did you do the right thing but with the wrong attitude?
Why did Jesus value the widow who gave the two small coins?
Based on this Scripture, what is one thing you know for sure about Jesus?
What does saving money have to do with being generous?
Besides giving money, what are some other ways to be generous?
How does being generous help you become more like Jesus?
How can you show generosity to the people God has placed in your life?

Be as specific as you can.
How is Jesus challenging you to think differently about what generosity looks like?
How is Jesus challenging you to be a person of greater generosity?
What would it look like for you to begin the habit of generosity in your life this week?

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