Love and Fear :: YouVersion Event
Lifepoint Church Delaware
Is fear always a bad thing? It depends on how you define it, and what you fear. Across the pages of the Bible, we see that the “fear of the Lord” is actually a good thing. It’s the love of Christ that saves us and transforms us, but the fear of the Lord can motivate us toward greater obedience.
Locations & Times
  • Lifepoint Church - Delaware
    800 W Central Ave, Delaware, OH 43015, USA
    domingo 8:30 AM, domingo 9:30 AM, domingo 11:00 AM
Jesus brings heart transformation, not just behavior modification.
Why do we not seek to persuade others?

1) Religion is a matter of opinion

2) We just don’t think about it

3) Fear
You will be driven either by the fear of man or the fear of God.
Experiencing God’s love changes everything.