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1.10.2021 | Nehemiah - Week 5
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January 10, 2021

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Week 5 - January 10, 2021 - Pastor Jeff Bender

Last week we looked at the beginning of Nehemiah chapter 3.

When Nehemiah started to rebuild the walls and gates, he looks around and sees their condition was one of shambles. The walls and gates were totally destroyed and to look at rebuilding them seemed to be an impossible task.

Nehemiah realized the difficulty of rebuilding (he didn’t look at this thru rose colored glasses) but he also knew that if God were with him and the people joined in, that seemingly impossible task COULD be accomplished.

I equated the shambles of the walls and gates to the shambles of 2020. Looking at the condition of the country and more specifically, the church, it also appears to be in shambles.

Nationwide, churches have permanently closed, closed for a period of time, limited their services, went strictly on line or held in them in the parking lot.

It seems that it might be impossible to get back to normal, but like Nehemiah, if God is with us and we all join in, we can regroup and rebuild better than before.

Nehemiah enlisted most of the folks living there and chapter 3 tells of all the people and groups that helped in rebuilding.

And he sets out to get the job done.
We started last week with the gates surrounding the city. We mentioned how each gate has a specific use at that time and how each gate represents a Christian’s walk with God today.

Briefly recapping . . .

The sheep gate was the first gate he tackled. That is where the offerings were brought into town to be sacrificed. This is the salvation experience. Before we have any other experience with God, we first need to know Christ and be saved.

Next was the fish gate- Now that we know Christ our desire to show others what Jesus means to us. To bring more people into the faith.

The old gate-where we essentially kicked off our 21 in ’21. Using the basics of prayer and fasting to get where God wants us to go.

When you entered the old gate, it brought you directly into what was called, The New Quarter or the New area of expansion.

If we want to see God do new things, we need to go back to the basics.

NEXT, the valley gate-using times of hardship to build our faith and experience God’s promises in times of trouble.

Lastly, we hit on the Dung Gate. You get saved, you get excited to tell others, you hit some bumps in the road, then during those bumps, God reveals the things that you have in your life that need to go.
Now we pick it up at the:

This was near the pool of Siloam, where they drew water for the temple.

This represents being filled with the Holy Spirit.

When we go thru the valley, and God rids us of things that we know shouldn’t be there, the Holy Spirit begins to flow in our lives.
Notice it says flow from WITHIN you. It is not a product of things going on in your life, it will be joy IN you, regardless of your situation.
Once we pass the Fountain Gate and are filled with the Holy Spirit, God will give us a hunger for the word of God.

We cannot exist on the Holy Spirit alone. We need to be grounded so the Holy Spirit can direct us thru our knowledge of the Word.

All Spirit, you blow up, all word and you dry up, spirit and word combined, you grow up!

It also doesn’t say that this particular gate was repaired.

If this gate stands for God’s word, God’s word doesn’t need to be repaired or made better.

Ezra, read from the book of the law in front of the Water Gate.
Remember each gate is a significant time in a Christian’s life and we need to experience each one.

How are we doing with the Water Gate?
This was the gate that overlooked the Kidron Valley, which was the place of battle for Israel.

Horses left thru this gate for war.

This can stand for three different but similar things.

First meaning, the Bible tells us that we are in a spiritual war.
There is a spiritual battle going on around us and includes us in the battle. We have to be prepared for that battle. This brings us back to prayer and fasting.

Not only are we asking God to do things, we need to pray that we are built up in the faith and ready for battle

Are we grounded in God’s word? Are we willing to have God fight our battles for us? Are we seeking the power of God thru our time of prayer?

Do we try to handle them ourselves, or do we pray and fast and seek God’s help in this battle?
Second meaning - to stand for the defense of the Gospel.

Are we able to defend what we believe, not only to ourselves but to others?

As Christians, we should be able to do that.

Last meaning - it stands for the Day of the Lord and the end time judgment in Revelation.
This gate has only one meaning and in fact it was never used except by God.
It faced the Mount of Olives and stands for the return of Christ.

We are waiting for the return of Christ. And when he does, this is where he will return to.
This is not the rapture, but the return of Christ after the tribulation.

We have to live in expectation that Christ will return today. And that means that we have to be ready for the rapture.
If we believe that Christ is coming back, then we need to keep our lives in check.
The Judgment Gate. It represents the judgment seat of Christ.
There are 2 judgments:

The Judgment Seat of Christ-for believers

The Great White Throne Judgment-for unbelievers.

Every believer will stand before Christ and his life and works will be inspected and rewarded or not as the case may be.
Our lives will be inspected for what they have done.

Nothing can or will be hidden.
A couple of things to note about all of this.

If you read the whole chapter you will see two things:

1) It was a task that involved many people. –God’s work always involves many people. It is never a one man job. It takes each one of us to accomplish God’s vision.

2) God takes the time to mention all the names of those who helped.-He could have just said “many people”, but he didn’t. He took the time to list them all. God takes note of who is doing what for His glory.

He is a recorder of names.
God is keeping track of His children and He will reward them at the appropriate time.
God keeps records. Nothing we do for the Lord is in vain. We may not be rewarded of acknowledged here, but rest assured, all that we do to honor Him, will be rewarded.
Our vision (God’s vision) is to rebuild what the enemy wrecked last year.

And it will take all hands on deck to do it. And we started this process with our 21 in ’21 prayer and fasting initiative.

John Wesley said that “God does nothing except by prayer.”

There are a lot of unknowns and things we can’t do anything about, but we have a God who can over rule anything.

But the question is, “How badly do we want it?” Do we really want revival? Do you know what that looks like at first?

The thing is, God wants it, but he needs us to do our part.

Who believes that God can?

Thank you for joining us!

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