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Dan DeRoche | 2 Samuel 11 & Psalm 51
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Don’t let this matter upset you… (2 Samuel 11:25)
- Do not let this be evil in your sight.

The LORD considered what David had done to be evil. (2 Samuel 11:27)
Following God is so counter cultural and this text slays us because we want what we want.
What made David fail?
He tried to be king of his life.
He ruled his life instead of God.
What made David great?
He was willing to overlook the sin of those around him, but unwilling
to overlook his own sin.
“More than anyone prior to Jesus David loved his enemies time and time again with an extraordinary and unexplainable love.”
- Kevin DeYoung
What made David great?
Amazingly his kindness toward his own enemies did not mean he had a soft attitude toward his own sins.
Four questions to begin 2021 with:
1. Do I realize that I am living before God?
2. Do I trust God enough to believe that His way is best?
3. When someone “wrongs” me, how do I respond?
4. When I ”wrong” God, how do I respond?

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