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January 10, 2021
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Man's Choice...God's Intervention

A. Introduction to the story...
1. This was a 400-year time period after Israel entered the promised land under Joshua and before there were any kings in Israel. This was a time of “apostasy, warfare, decline, violence, moral decay, and anarchy.”
*Talk Thru the Bible
2. This was a time when the repeating process of Israel’s sin would continue. The people would sin, God would send judgment, the people would cry for help, and God would raise up a judge to deliver them. This would happen again and again.
3. This was a time of political upheaval all over the world in multiple empires. It seems that there were “environmental stresses, a flurry of earthquakes, and a deterioration of the major superpowers.”
*Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible
4. This was a time of a severe famine that overtook Israel. Famines were not uncommon and this one appeared to be widespread. Famines could be lack of waterfall, a pestilence, a plant disease, or a result of warfare.
B. The characters in the story...
1. Elimelech meaning “God is my King.”
2. Naomi meaning “pleasant one or sweet one.”
3. Mahlon meaning “sickly.”
4. Kilion meaning “wasting away.”
C. Elimelech left Bethlehem...
1. From Bethlehem to Moab: Bethlehem meant “house of bread.” The name was most likely given as the area was generally productive with wheat and barley.
2. From Bethlehem to Moab: Moab was generally an enemy to Israel. Moab definitely followed false gods. Chemosh was the detestable god of the Moabites and worshipped by orgies, sexual ceremonies, and even child sacrifice.
3. Elimelech and Naomi left with their two sons. Elimelech died and their two sons married Moabite women.
4. After ten years of marriage, both sons died.
5. Naomi was alone…unprotected, with no ability to provide for the daughters-in-law or herself…and bitter against God. Naomi had lost her husband, her children, her security, her possessions, her status, her reputation, and her closeness to God.
D. Bitterness destroys our ability to have clear vision…the price we pay…
1. Bitterness had affected Naomi’s ability to offer good advice.
3. Naomi lost perspective and could only see her own grief.
4. Naomi could not see what she had, but only what she didn’t have.
1. Bitterness will destroy you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Realizing the dangers, begin by identifying the unforgiveness.
“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet gives to the heel that has crushed it.” Mark Twain
“You are never more like Jesus than when you forgive. And you will never be set free until you forgive.” Unknown
2. Begin the process of forgiveness.
“Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive.” C.S Lewis
“Forgiveness in its essence is a decision made on the inside to refuse to live in the past. It’s a conscious choice to release others from their sins against you so that you can be set free.” Unknown
a. Rediscover the humanity of the person who hurt you.
b. Surrender your right to get even.
c. Revise your feelings toward that person. You will know you have attained the miracle of forgiveness when you are able to ask God to bless them.
*Lewis Smedes “The Art of Forgiving”
3. Make the conscious decision to let go of the pain. Forgiveness is not optional. We forgive to the extent we appreciate how much we have been forgiven.
4. Recognize who is ultimately in control…and trust Him with your life, your hurts, your pain, and walk in forgiveness! “Leave it there…”

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