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I Am - The Light of the World
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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In the Gospel of John, Jesus introduces himself to the world through a variety of metaphors that begin with two words - I am. "I am the true vine... the bread of life... the light of the world...", etc. In his own words, Jesus illuminated his character and truest identity. This week's worship continues our six-week series called, Two Words That Change Everything.

Rendition of Feast of Tabernacles

Click on this link to see an image of what the Feast of Tabernacles in the evening might have looked like.
Three possibilities for what Jesus may have been referring to when he called himself the "Light of the World" are:

1. He is comparing himself to the Law.

2. He is associating himself with the Suffering Servant of Isaiah.

3. He is connecting himself to when God became a pillar of fire to guide the Israelites through the desert.

These, and other possibilities, don't have to be mutually exclusive, either. Jesus could be pulling all these images from the Bible together.

Billy Graham Info

Here is Billy Graham's Wikipedia page, in case you are interested in reading some general information about him and his ministry.

Billy Graham and Mickey Cohen

This is an article that recounts Billy Graham's attempts to convert Mickey Cohen.
Jesus repeats the phrase "I am the Light of the World" in John chapter 9. Read this passage below. This is the only of Jesus' "I am" statements that is followed by a metaphor that is repeated in two different settings.

1. After Jesus proclaims himself to be the "Light of the World," the Pharisees begin trying to debate technicalities with him. Can you recall a time when you received a similar response to sharing your faith?

2. How did you respond in this situation? What did you feel?

3. Of Jesus' "I am" statements that follow with a metaphor, "I am the Light of the World" is the only one Jesus states in two different settings. Why might this be significant?

4. There are various possibilities for what Jesus means when he calls himself "The Light of the World." What do you think Jesus means by this phrase?

5. In what ways have you experienced Jesus as the "Light of the World" in your life?
Questions for Families with Children

1. Is there a time when you tried to do something, but couldn't accomplish it? How did that make you feel?

2. How did you work through this time?

3. When telling people about Jesus, it may feel frustrating like the time mentioned above. How can you take the lessons you learned from the experience mentioned above to help you prepare for when sharing your faith may seem frustrating?

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