Cornerstone Community Church
The Journey Begins
Speaker: Pastor Nate Herrlin
Locations & Times
  • CCC meeting at Bethel Church of the Nazarene
    125 Koffee Ln, Kutztown, PA 19530, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM

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1. A simple structure for Bible study
2. Set the stage for the first week of reading
3. A practice run with Matthew 1
A simple structure for Bible study: C.H.I.P.

CURIOUS - What makes me curious?
HOPEFUL - Where do I find hope?
IMPORTANT - What is important to remember?
PERSONAL - Where does it get personal for me?
Set the stage for the first week of reading:

Matthew (the author) –
One of Jesus’ 12 disciples
Previously a tax-collector
A Jew writing to Jews about a Jew
Watch for Old Testament quotes
Watch for “kingdom” language
A practice run with Matthew 1

What makes me CURIOUS? (text 610.894.9520)
- Why does Matthew begin with a genealogy?
- Why does Matthew break the cultural norm to include so many women in the genealogical record of Jesus?
Where do I find HOPE?
- Divine intervention
- Fulfilled prophecy
- Jesus’ purpose & names
What is IMPORTANT to remember?
- Jesus’ lineage
- Jesus’ purpose
- The purity of Joseph and Mary’s relationship
Where does it get PERSONAL for me?
- How do I need Jesus’ rescue?
- God keeps His promises
- God’s ways are not conventional.

- Join the journey through the New Testament!
- Contact Pastor Nate to get into a home group.
- Other: _______________________.