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1.3.2021 | Nehemiah - Week 4
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January 3, 2021

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Annual Business Meeting
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We will get through this together!

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Week 4 - January 3, 2021 - Pastor Jeff Bender

Welcome to 2021! Praying this is a better year that 2020!

We're going to pick up the series we started way back when. The book of Nehemiah. Turn with me to Nehemiah Chapter 3.

As I was reading and thinking about how to tie this in to the New Year, I realized that it fit in pretty nicely.

Normally this is one of those chapters that I kind of read quickly through.

There’s a lot of names and places that kind of bog me down. But I realized that while the names and places are important, otherwise God wouldn’t have included them.
The main point is this: The city, walls and gates were in a shambles and the work to restore them was going to be overwhelming.

This past year has seen significant changes and hardships on not only churches, but businesses, families’ hospitals, and communities.

It might even appear too hard to overcome.

Rebuilding was a great challenge for Nehemiah, from the natural perspective, it probably seemed impossible, but he had a great God that was able to accomplish it.

But the walls and gates would not have been rebuilt by themselves. It required everyone to step up and work.

I really have the sense that this is where the church is today. Not just ours, but the church in general, but it does include our church.

This past year has in some cases put churches in shambles. Across the board, attendance is down, either from sickness or fear, giving is down; ministries are struggling to keep operating.

I keep hearing this is going to last indefinitely. No one is able to give us a date when it goes back to normal.

And to look at it from the natural, it seems almost impossible to recover.

So we can either just sit around and wait for it to end on it’s own, or we can step up in faith and rebuild what the enemy took away last year.

In Nehemiah’s case, the work was a great challenge, but he knew they had to start somewhere.

And what was the purpose of rebuilding?
In other words, people are mocking the God of the Jews; saying if your God is so great why is your city in ruins.

And if you love your city so much why aren’t you doing something about it? The people had become accustomed to their situation. They accepted the status quo.

They thought it would never change, so let’s just go along to get along. Let’s not attempt anything, let’s just not rock the boat. It’s not perfect, but it’s comfortable, so. . . we’ll accept what is happening to us.

Is that how we feel today? Well, it’s not going to change; we’ll have to accept this as the new normal.

Never being able to go back to what it was?

If that’s the case, then the church will be the ones being mocked and ridiculed. If your God is so great, why are you letting the world dictate how you operate?

Why aren’t you doing something about it?

Enter Nehemiah. He calls the people out and tells them God can do this if we put all our effort into it. God isn’t going to do this by himself; he is going to do it using all of you!

And he starts with the leaders and important people.
Here we have the High Priest, who was set apart for Holy things, getting his sanctified hands dirty. He believed that rebuilding the wall was a ministry to the Lord.
Nobody is above doing hard work to advance the kingdom of God.

If you’ve been a Christian for a while and people see you as a leader of the faith, we need to be the first ones getting in the trenches to rebuild what the enemy has destroyed.

38 individual people and 42 different groups are mentioned in helping to rebuild.

And many others that are not named, but were vital in the rebuilding.

In other words, EVERYONE was a part of the work.

This chapter mentions rulers and priests, men and women, professional craftsmen, even outside workers.
Since everything in God’s word is of significance, let’s look at the gates that were being rebuilt and see what that is telling us today.

Sacrificial animals were brought through this gate to be offered as the sacrifice.

The gate signifies Jesus Christ, the sacrifice for our sins.

In our desire to rebuild the shambles of the past, the very first thing we need to focus on is our relationship with Christ.

Every other gate comes after this one. In fact, as you go around the wall, the gates begin and end with the sheep gate.

He is the Alpha & Omega, beginning and the end.
If your relationship with Christ is off, nothing else will matter.
And everything that we do to rebuild is based on your faith and trust in Christ.
As Christians, we are fishers of men.
Once we have a right relationship with Christ (Sheep Gate), our next step should be to reach others with the gospel.

We pray and believe for miracles and healing and we should, but the biggest miracle is someone coming to Christ.

If we want to really see the power of God and bona fide miracles, evangelize!

If we want to see this church explode with the presence of God, bring lost people in.

And that requires work. Not just physical labor, but prayer labor as well.

Again, there is a reason for the order of rebuilding.

Get right with God through Christ, bring others with you.
This is a unique name and meaning. The Old Gate was named from what is outside the gate, but when you entered the gate, you entered into what the Jews called The New Quarter or the New area of expansion.

Meaning, if you want to enter something new, you have to pass through something old. If we want to see God do something new in our church, we have to do what has always been done.

Something we might consider “old fashioned”.

I’m not talking about styles and music or anything visual.

I’m talking about prayer and fasting. Seems old fashioned, right?

We have these programs and specials, won’t they work?

They will, if we go through the old to see what God wants to do that’s new.

I have been reminded that we haven’t done that in quite a while.

We all want to see people come to Christ. What does the Bible say we need to do?
We pray for God to send others to our families and friends to witness.

But how often do you think that we are the answer to someone else’s prayer for their family and friends?

Look at what Jesus said when the disciples couldn’t drive out a demon:
Thinking that we can win a spiritual battle by human wisdom and power will always fail.

If we are serious about seeing God move, then we need to spend serious time in prayer and fasting.

Either we let the situation stay as it is, and we are a weak church, unable to withstand what is happening to us, or we go on the offense and pray and fast for healings, salvations, deliverances.

Nehemiah didn’t let the hopeless situation he was facing stop him.

He just dug his heels in, prayed, fasted and worked.
AKA The Challenge Gate

The valley usually represents a hard time in the believer’s life. “Going through the valley"

As you progress around the symbolic gates in a believer’s life, you will see a pattern.

First, you come to know Christ-a new believer, then you get excited and start telling everyone about Christ.

Then you want more of Jesus, so you begin to fast and pray.

And as soon as you start that, you will face some opposition.

You hit the valley gate. Things start to get hard, times get challenging and things don’t seem to go right.

No matter what you try, it doesn’t work.

As we start to rebuild after last year and we start going thru these gates, and commit to doing what is necessary, there is going to be a time of difficulty and discouragement.

We need to stay the course and not give in.

God will bring you through it.

And not only that, your faith will be built up as you see God actually working on your behalf.
Once you are thru with that gate, you come to the:

This was exactly what the name means. It was the gate where people took their trash and excrements and burned it.

Have you ever had a commode back up? Or the trash not collected for several weeks? Pittsburgh had a garbage strike a few years ago, trash just collected, and it was ugly. It eventually became a health hazard.

That’s what happens to us personally if we don’t get rid of the things in our lives that defile us. And we know what they are.

We know the things in our lives that need to go because they are causing a spiritual health hazard in your life.

If we truly want to see God rebuild this church to a place where God knows it can be, then we need to take out the trash.

God will not work in or through us if we harbor sin.
New Year’s resolutions seldom work. But I believe if we make a commitment to God to clean up, he will enable us to do it.

I believe that we are in the same position that Nehemiah was in, 1000’s of year ago. This past year has wreaked havoc on many things and people.

But I also believe that God wants the church and this church to start the rebuilding process.

We talked about it. We know what God has said in his word. The question is, are we willing to do it. It will take everyone who is listening to do their part.

Nehemiah had almost everyone working on it. Without that help, it wouldn’t have gotten done and the walls would still be down.

God wants us to re-group and trust him like never before and step up and do what is necessary for this church to thrive.

You know what happened when they were finished?
When we do God’s work, God’s way, there will be cause for personal joy in our lives.

And the world will see what God can do!

Thank you for joining us!

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