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The Hand of God on Your Life
Dan DeRoche | Ezra 7:1-10
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Is the hand of God on your life?
God shows us that there is something very unique about Ezra…
God shows us that there is something very unique about Ezra…
The hand of God was upon him.
How do we get the hand of God on our lives?
Ezra committed with his very soul to do three things:
1. He learned the Word
2. He lived the Word
3. He passed on the Word
Ezra learned the Word
He wants with his whole being to know God.
Ezra lived the Word
Don’t study it if you have zero intention to obey it.
Ezra passed on the Word
Teaching in the Bible is always for the purpose of transformation not information
If you want to have the hand of God on your life:
Study – Learn God’s Word
Obey – Live God’s Word
Teach – Pass along God’s Word
Make this your ambition in all of life:

Doing so will make a you a person who...
Loves God, Loves Others, and Serves the World

The hand of God will be upon your life

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