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Luke 2; Matthew 2
The People Who Missed Christmas

1. In 2020 will you miss Christmas?
2. In Luke 2 and Matt. 2 we will look at the people who missed the first Christmas:

In 2020 will you miss Christmas?
I. TOO PREOCCUPIED Luke 2:7 (The Inn Keeper)
A. There was no room for them in the inn (Lk 2;7)…for the sake of the typical story we
will think of the inn keeper as one who keeps the inn. Inn is used in one other place in
the book of Luke upper room (Lk. 22:12) Houses in those days usually had a couple of
floors. The upper room was for the older family members. The lower portion was
for keeping animals. There was no room in the upper room, so Jesus was born in the
lower section where they kept animals.
B. The census was underway in Bethlehem. The city was bulging with people who ever
had any ancestry from Bethlehem. The inn keeper was busy caring for guests.
C. The innkeeper missed Jesus. He wasn’t a mean, vile, wicked person. He was just too
D. So it is today, many people are just like the innkeeper. The rooms of their souls are
filled with needless things, stuff that really doesn’t matter and they miss Jesus Christ.
We are so busy figuring out what we want, how we can get it at the cheapest price,
buying it, taking care of it, polishing it, storing it, keeping it up. We spend a lifetime
amassing that which doesn’t really matter. We miss the real meaning of Christmas.
In 2020 will you miss Christmas?
II. TOO POWERFUL Matt. 2:1-3 (Herod)
A. Herod was known as ‘King of the Jews’.
B. Herod panicked when he heard that the King of the Jews was born.
1.He wasn’t even Jewish. He had no right to rule over the Jews. He was appointed as king of the Jews by the Roman Senate.
2.He was paranoid. Herod had always been afraid of losing his position. He was suspicious of everyone and had murdered anyone he suspected: a brother-in-law; one of his wives and her mother, all of his sons. When he was about to die he commanded that all the distinguished citizens of Jerusalem were to be slaughtered at the moment of his death. He wanted the people to weep when he died, even if it was over the death of someone else! He also slew all the children 2 and under in the Bethlehem area.
C.Herod missed Christmas because of fear. He was too powerful. He wasn’t about to let this little child interfere with his plans and his power.
D.So it is today, men are afraid to come to Christ. He will ‘cramp their style’. Christ would change the way they live, the way they talk, the way they act and where they go and what they do. We have a world of ‘kings’ who are not about to bow their knee to Jesus Christ. Wanting to be in control, they miss Christmas.

In 2020 will you miss Christmas?
III. TOO PROUD Matt. 2:4-6 (Chief Priest & Scribes)
A.The chief priests were the theological minds of the day. They were made up of all the high priests…the captain of the temple police, and the best of all the priests out of all the orders with the greatest administrative, teaching and leadership skills. These knew all the Scripture!
B.The scribes were the linguists, the interpreters. They knew the culture and history surrounding biblical information.
1.These two groups got together…quoting (Micah 5:2): They knew the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.
2.Here were the ones who knew it all, yet they never bothered to walk 5.5 miles South to Bethlehem to find out for themselves.
3.They had no need. They didn’t need the Messiah. They were good enough, righteous enough. They were so full of pride. They knew the Scriptures, but didn’t really believe them!!
C.So it is today, many will miss Christmas…they know it all, they have it all. They won’t admit that they are sinful and greatly need a Savior. They miss Christmas!

In 2020 will you miss Christmas?
IV. TOO PIOUS Luke 2:8-38 (People of Jerusalem)
A.Out of the whole Jerusalem society God appeared to Shepherds. Shepherds were a despised group. They were too busy attending sheep to be involved in the religious life of Israel. They heard and saw and spread the news (17, 20)! There were two others: Simeon (25-35) and Anna, the 84 year old prophetess (36-38). Anna spread the news!
B.The rest of Jerusalem missed Christmas! They were so busy with their religious rituals that they missed the reality.
C.So it is today, many are so religious, but they never meet the Person. Once you meet Him you will want to share the Good News!

In 2020 will you miss Christmas?
V. TOO POLLUTED Luke 2:1 (Romans)
A. The Romans: Caesar made a census decree. The Roman soldiers made sure everyone
1.They Were Ignorant The Romans were always on the scene throughout the ministry of Christ. They guarded. They tried. They crucified, but they were ignorant of God’s Purpose…God’s Plan…God’s Program.
2.They Were Idolatrous The Romans were full of idolatry. They worshipped gods of their own design. They worshipped the wrong God.
B. So it is today, many will miss Christmas because they are ignorant and idolatrous.
They have their own gods: money, sex, cars, condos, materialism, evolution,
popularity, prestige. They miss Christmas. They miss Jesus Christ.
C.He was in the world, and the world was made by Him. He came unto His own, but
His own received Him not. But as many as received Him He gives the power to
become the sons of God even to those who believe on His name. (John 1:10-12)

If you have been missing Christmas, you have been missing Jesus Christ.

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