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Christ Wesleyan Church

September 16, 2018 - 9:00 & 10:45am

September 16, 2018 - 9:00 & 10:45am

Join us for our primary worship service each week on Sunday.

Locations & Times

CWC Milton:The Auditorium (Entrance #6)

363 Stamm Rd, Milton, PA 17847, USA

Sunday 8:00 AM

Sunday 10:45 AM

Welcome to CWC!

Welcome! You can follow this week's message and add your own notes. Visit our website at to watch past sermons, and discover more about CWC.

Is This Your First Visit?

If this is your first visit with us, welcome! We're so glad you're here! Please stop by The Hub (our welcome desk) in the foyer for a gift, and if you'd like to discover more about us and the variety of ministries here, visit the Connection Center. If you have any questions, we're here to help!

Connect Online

Watch weekly messages, discover more about CWC, ministries, groups, serving opportunities, and events all on our website.

Reading a New Guidebook

A. A new life brings a new Guide for life...
1. This new Guide is inspired by God.
2. This new Guide will teach us truth.
3. This new Guide will help us to see what is wrong in our lives.
4. This new Guide will direct us to new pathways in our lives.
5. This new Guide prepares us for new life and gives us all we need to live this new life.
B. This new Guidebook is fully equipped to direct our lives…
1. The new Guidebook is alive! It is God speaking!
2. The new Guidebook is sharp enough to cut deep.
3. The new Guidebook can show us the difference between our thoughts and motives of our selves.
4. This new Guidebook will be that source of spiritual growth and development.
C. This new Guidebook will take work…
1. Invest yourself in the study of the Word.
2. You are accountable to God.
3. Be fully aware of the Truth and how to use it in your life.
4. Be cautious as to how you use the Truth and how your influence affects others.
D. How will you choose to use your Guidebook… will you work hard, be a good worker, and correctly use it?
1. Begin by making a commitment to find time every day to read God’s Word!
2. Apply the Word to your life by being obedient to what you read!
3. Check your mirror before you go out…it will show you your true self.
4. When God speaks Truth, apply it to your life!
5. The Word will be your Guide daily!

Dive Deep Podcast

A weekly conversation digging deeper into the Sunday morning message.

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Use this link to give online or text any amount to 84321. Thank you for supporting the ministry of CWC!

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