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Anointed: To Provide a Path
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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Tongue Twister from Last Week
After the outdoor service, a few people asked Pastor Jon for the tongue twister he made up to help him not confuse Isaiah and Ahaz's names. Here it is:

"Ahaz has Isaiah hazing his hazel eyes."

Say that five times fast and you're ready to preach a sermon on Isaiah 7!
To Provide a Path
Isaiah 9 celebrates the birth of a child. However, it may not have been the child you think. Originally, this passage likely focused on a king named Hezekiah. How did Hezekiah shape and form the hopes for a Messiah? And what can Hezekiah's story teach us about how Jesus provides a path for us now?
Growth Group Questions / Personal Reflection
1. One of the best ways we can learn to trust God is by reflecting on God's actions in the past. What stories from the Bible can you remember where God provided a path forwarded in difficult circumstances?

2. How has God delivered you from a difficult situation in the past?

3. What are some areas in your life right now in which you need God to provide a way forward?

4. How might your past experiences mentioned above help you to see how God is guiding you now?
Questions for Discussion with Children
1. Can you think of a time when a family member, friend or teacher helped you with something difficult? Can you describe this time?

2. Do you think God can help you in difficult situations, just as your family member or friend did?
Below is the passage where Matthew quotes Isaiah 9

Information on Hezekiah

Here is some general information on King Hezekiah, for those who are curious.
Below is an example of a Bible passage praising King Hezekiah.
Here is another example of a Bible passage praising King Hezekiah.
If you are interested in reading more of Hezekiah's story, you can find it in 2 Kings 18-20 or 2 Chronicles 29-32.

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