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First Social Circle

Advent in the Gospels: The Announcement of the King

Advent in the Gospels: The Announcement of the King

Mike Hardy

Locations & Times

First Social Circle

195 N Cherokee Rd, Social Circle, GA 30025, USA

Friday 8:00 AM

I. Announced by _________________________ (vs.1:2-8)

1. The _________________ of John’s Message (vs. 2-3)

2. The ___________________of John’s Message (vs. 4)

3. The __________________of John’s Message (vs. 5-8)

a. A Realization of Our Own ____________________.

b. _________________in Turn Always Produces Guilt.

c. _______________ is Always Accompanied by Fear.

d. ____________ is the Answer to Man’s Sin Problem.
II. Affirmed by _________________________ (vs. 1:9-11)

1. _______________________________ (vs. Psalm 2:7)

2. _______________________________

3. ______________________________ (vs. Isaiah 42:1)

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