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November 29, 2020: John's Birth Announced
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
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    Sunday 9:30 PM
  • CrossWay Church
    Sunday 10:00 PM
Luke 1:1-25: John’s Birth Announced
I) Luke's Gospel
A) Luke did first hand _______________.
1) Luke was a well-educated_________________.
2) Luke was a companion to ____________.
B) Luke provided an account of Jesus’s life so its readers could be __________ Jesus fulfilled Old Testament promises.
II) Zechariah and Elizabeth.
A) They were an _____________ God-Fearing couple.
B) They were unable to have __________.

III) Zechariah was a priest who was called to serve in the temple.
A) Priests were to make sin offerings twice a day and then go into the ___________ Place to burn incense as a symbol of prayer.
B) While the priest was inside, the people ________ outside in their court.
C) Zechariah was chosen by lot to have the honor of burning __________ in the Holy Place.
IV) The angel Gabriel speaks to Zechariah.
A) Do not be ______________!
B) God has _____________ Zechariah’s prayer.

C) God will give Zechariah and Elizabeth a son named John.
1) John will bring _________ to his parents.
2) The Holy Spirit will ____________ John to turn the hearts of Israel back to God.
3) John will prepare the way for the Messiah in the spirit and power of __________.
D) In disbelief, Zechariah asks for a ________ to know this is will happen.
E) Gabriel’s response.
1) Gabriel was______________by God to share this with Zechariah.
2) Zechariah will be _________ (and deaf) until John is born.
V) Gabriel’s words came true!
A) Zechariah could not speak to the people _______ in the temple courts.
B) Elizabeth becomes ___________ and expresses gratitude to the Lord!
VI) How does this text relate to today?
A) Righteous faith does not always lead to earthly ____________.
B) We are called to _________ God in the midst of life’s difficulties.
C) Doubt can sink into the hearts of believers. We need to learn to ____________ on God more.
D) God is the ultimate ________________ keeper. This advent we wait for Christ to come again and restore all things!

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