GateWay Church of Visalia
Christmas Hope
Pastor Ed Kemp, 11/24 & 29/2020 Isaiah 9:6-7 & Matthew 4:12-17
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  • GateWay Church
    1100 S Sowell St, Visalia, CA 93277, USA
    Tuesday 6:45 PM, Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
Wonderful Counselor,

Mighty God,

Eternal Father,

Prince of Peace.

How do the names of Jesus bring the light of HOPE?
#1. Our Mighty God has power for our protection.
#2. Our Eternal Father has a committed paternal love.
#3. Our Wonderful Counselor has insight for living.
#4. Our Prince of Peace has a phenomenal future.
Christmas Hope
Prayer Requests:
Group Discussion: What was one of the favorite Christmas gifts you’ve GIVEN?
Read: Isaiah 9:6-7
We need to be constantly reminded of our Savior’s names. Never forget who Jesus is. As you work your way through the next 4 questions this may be a difficult exercise. Take your time and think about God’s role in your life:
#1. Wonderful Counselor is a miraculous person with an unchangeable purpose therefore I am given perfect direction. How does God give us direction? How do you think God uses His Word and His Spirit to guide you? Have you ever experienced God impressing you to make a certain decision that turned out really great?
#2. Mighty God is a Heroic God that gives me power to love. Have you ever had to face someone and confront them in love? God gives us power for healthy relationships. Have you experienced God giving you the balance of grace and truth to deal with someone stressful?
#3. Eternal Father is the paternal love God gives me forever. Have you ever experienced the total acceptance of God in your life? Have you ever fully realized or felt God’s total acceptance of you just the way your are?
#4. Prince of Peace is the royal ruler Jesus who gives opportunity for harmony in our world. Have you ever experienced total peace because God is the Sovereign ruler and leader in your life?
Read: Matthew 4:12-17
If the coming of Jesus brought the Kingdom of God in a partial way, how does Jesus change people for the better? How has He changed you for the better?
Family Time: Read Isaiah 9:6-7 to your children and highlight God being our Eternal Father. Talk to them about how you as their parent try to do, be, and provide the best for them in some specific way. Ask them if they were a parent what they’d want to provide for their kids. Ask how God provides for your family.

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