Valley Church
We look forward to worshipping with you today!
Locations & Times
  • Valley Church
    4343 Fuller Rd, West Des Moines, IA 50265, USA
    Sondag 8:00 VM, Sondag 9:30 VM, Sondag 10:15 VM, Sondag 11:00 VM
  • Valley Church Online
    Saterdag 5:30 NM, Sondag 8:15 VM, Sondag 9:30 VM, Sondag 11:00 VM
Welcome to Valley!
We are so glad that you could celebrate with us today.

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Discussion Questions
1. How did the believers respond to Peter and John’s report?

2. Do you think you would have responded differently? Explain.

3. What does acting boldly during a pandemic look like for you?

4. How would living more boldly change your life?

5. What might happen if you prayed for more boldness in sharing
the gospel?