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In the World and For the World
Jesus is wanting us to know that we are sent into the world around us. He speaks over us that we are the salt and light of the world. We are not to be fortressed away in self-protection, but we are expend ourselves for those who are looking for hope, peace, justice and joy. Let's join Jesus on his mission of bringing heaven to earth!
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My Covenant for Beyond Election Day
As a follower of Jesus Christ, I will:
Not engage in prideful boasting
Not fall into hopeless despair
Extend kindness to my neighbors
Listen to the perspectives of others
Practice truthful and hospitable speech
Pray for all elected leaders
Hold all leaders accountable
Advocate for the most vulnerable
Pursue justice with love and compassion
Be a peaceful presence in my family, church and community
Surprised to be loved! "YOU ARE salt of the earth...light of the world."
Immersed! "You are the SALT of the earth and the LIGHT of the world!"
Difference-makers. "Flip the script and change the narrative...not only for yourselves, but for others."
Participating in God’s rigorous divine love.
Discussion and Application Questions for Group Life Communities and Personal Study-

Matthew 5:13-16
We encourage you to use the observe, interpret, apply method of studying the scriptures. Your own observations, questions and application will serve you the best as you dig into the text. The following questions are giving as tools for you to make your own personal discoveries and action steps. Share your thoughts with others.


- How do these verses relate to the comments of Jesus in the previous verses 11 & 12?

- What is the connection between salt and light?

-What does it mean to be thrown out and trampled under foot?'

- What does glorify mean?


- Why does Jesus call his disciples to go out as salt and light?

- Read Matthew 4:13-17. What insight does this prophecy from Isaiah add to your understanding of light?

- Why would a person want to hid the light?

- Are good deeds that only way people will see the goodness of Jesus?


- What would your world be like if there were no ‘salty’ people or people who hid their light?

- What risk must you take if you will be salt and light this week?

- What tangible ways will your light shine this week?

- Where do you think you need to be salt and light this week?

Next Session - "Build This Person into Your Life". Matthew 7: 7-20

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