Manheim BIC Church
Judges: Deborah & Barak
In dark and heavy times, in the unconquered parts of our lives, and though we are prone to wander His promises remain true. He redeems. He rescues. He saves. And He invites us on the journey of discovering what it means to be His.
Locations & Times
  • Manheim BIC Church - Assembly & Live Stream
    54 N Penryn Rd, Manheim, PA 17545, USA
    Friday 9:00 AM, Friday 10:00 AM
  • MBIC (LIVEstream), 54 N Penryn Rd, Manheim, PA 17545, USA
    Friday 10:30 AM
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What does fully obeying God look like in your life?
If God’s love language is obedience, then is partial or slow obedience really what he desires?

“Slow obedience is no obedience.”
“God Sovereignly works to accomplish His purposes, but he expects our participation in the spiritual battles we face. Too often believers are waiting for God to act when he actually waiting for us to step up.” - Tony Evans

Fill the Pantry

November is our month to collect food for the Manheim Central Food Pantry. Want to help fill the pantry? Grab a shopping list on the table in the lobby or online. They are also in need of volunteers to help process the donations, if you are interested in volunteering contact them at 717.664.1097.

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