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What Do We Owe Caesar?
Interim Pastor Neal Nybo
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  • StoneBridge
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    Saturday 5:00 PM

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When we think of all the issues dividing our nation, taxes may be at the top of the list. Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus was asked about taxes but he didn't take a position. Instead, he made a clear statement that is famous to this day. This week's message explores Jesus' ingenious response.
1. What of ours belongs to God?
What belongs to God? Our allegiance, our values, our time, justice, mercy, and humility, ourselves created in God’s image, our presence and character that demonstrates what God is like, and our hearts that communicate his love.

The Text In Context

By His enigmatic response, did Jesus really mean for His followers to provide financial support to Tiberius Caesar?
1. What do you think would be the top 5 things we owe God? Top 10?
2. How do we give those things to God?
2. What doesn't belong to Caesar?
As believers in Christ, we don’t owe anyone any of those things we mentioned above. As citizens, we may owe our nation some things.
1. Who does Caesar represent today? Is it a fair comparison?
2. While the sermon didn’t discuss it, what of ours do we owe Caesar today?
3. Is there anything that belongs to God that we often offer to Caesar?
3. Have we mixed up what belongs to God and to Caesar?
There is a long list of things we owe God. Have we offered some of those to others or failed to offer them to God?
1. What would you say are things Christians can get mixed up?
2. Is there anything that you may have gotten mixed up?
3. What are good ways to judge if we are giving to God what is God’s and not giving it to anyone else?
Next step:
Pray for our elections to be safe, available to as many voters as possible, and whatever the outcome, that our nation would peacefully accept the results.

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