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10.25.2020 | Heaven - Week 8
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October 25, 2020

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We have begun a new series on Demonology on Wednesday nights. Be sure to join us as we delve into what the bible says about fallen angels.

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Week 8 - October 25, 2020 - Pastor Jeff Bender

How often have I mentioned that no one is guaranteed tomorrow?

That we need to be prepared to meet Jesus today?

Well, one of the reference books I am using for this study is David Jeremiah’s book on heaven.

In one chapter, he gives this very practical and sobering fact that vividly backs up that view of always being ready.
Pastor Jack Arnold was 69 and preaching on heaven. He referred to John Wesley’s quote about being immortal.

The quote was: “We are immortal until our work is done here on earth. As soon as we are finished, the Lord will take us home.”

After saying that quote, Pastor Arnold said “and when I get to heaven. . .”

And he never finished that sentence, he had a massive heart attack.

In the middle of a sermon about heaven.

Got my attention.

Rev. Langstroth died as he began his sermon on the love of God.

Darryl Edwards, 55 died just as he finished warning his church to be ready to meet the Lord.

Ray Edman-Wheaton College prof, preaching in the chapel that was named after him, collapsed in the pulpit and died.

Then this verse shows up when I’m reading the Bible.
The point is, we are all going to come to this point and we need to be ready for this to happen.

So let’s look at what will happen.

We said that we will go to a place called paradise, but eventually we will end up on what the Bible calls A New Heaven and a NEW Earth.
How does that New Heaven come about?
If we are alive, here is the order of events that will happen to bring this about:

Nothing else biblically has to happen now before the rapture happens.
There are several other events that happen, such as the battle of Gog and Magog, at half way through the tribulation, the antichrist breaks his treaty and persecution breaks out.

The battle of Armageddon, the binding of Satan, the 1000 years of peace which is the millennium, the devil is allowed out for a time which brings about the last battle.

Then the great white throne judgment

And finally, the new heavens and new earth.

How does that happen? Some feel that what exists now will be totally wiped out and something new created in its place.

Others think that the current system will be totally renovated.
The word for consumed is the word for laid bare, or exposed. It conveys the idea of being uncovered or laid open for exposure -- a stripping everything away and getting back to the original elements.

When restoring a car, everything that is a sign of rust and decay is stripped away, the rusted metal is cut away and replaced.

So everything in the earth that is a sign of decay and death will be stripped away down to the basic elements that were here at the beginning.

Since God created the world, we assume that there was no death or decay involved. He will burn it back to that point, so he has a good framework from which to rebuild.
The word used for NEW here is “KAINOS”.

That means newness in terms of quality.

Same word is used in 2 Corinthians 5:17 . . .
A Christian isn’t destroyed and a new one made.

How’s that for an altar call?

So after all these end time events, after God burns the earth and heavens back to its core, he will rebuild it into a perfect place like it was intended to be in the first place.

So now Jerusalem descends to this new earth, which is now the place we will live forever. It is still the same earth and still the same heaven, but it will have been purified.

Back to the car illustration, the old car comes in full of rust, body putty, dents and dings, broken parts, un-drivable.

Now it is back to the original design . . .
Does that mean there are no more bodies of water? Well we already know there will be a river flowing from the throne, and there were bodies of water in the creation.

One theory is that most of the water on the earth is seawater, or salt water--not drinkable, but necessary for the cycle of evaporation, rain, etc.

Unless there is a land mass, you can’t really live on the oceans.

Since the river we talked about last week is crystal clear I imagine that the bodies of water here will also be crystal clear, with no impurities, no salt, no decay, pollution.

They will be perfect bodies of water, not like the ones we have now.

The curse will also be gone.
Now I think we all know that but let’s think about what the curse is and has meant to the world.
Every single thing that goes wrong in or lives is a product of the curse. Every illness, every difficult situation is a result of the curse. That is why life is always such an uphill battle all the time.

Death was introduced through the curse. Not only ours, but all of nature.

Weeds will, every time, over take gardens and grass if you don’t keep after it.

What’s the second law of thermal dynamics tell us? Everything is winding down and everything eventually decays.

The world is in a constant state of decay and deterioration. Once the curse is gone, no more decay.

So when we say, no more sickness, suffering, pain or sorrow, that is why we can say that.

The curse will be lifted.
Even though this world is cursed and everything is in a state of decay or deterioration, we still see and experience beautiful things.

Fall leaves changing, beautiful clear skies at night, sunsets and sunrises.

We may even experience some of God’s material blessings here. Maybe we have a great house, good health, nice cars, etc.

Have you ever walked through a mall or down a street of restaurants and there is someone handing out small samples of their food?

Why do they do that? They want you to taste how good it is, but only a small taste that makes you want more.

One little snack isn’t enough, you want more of it.

All the beautiful things we have here is like that sample bite.

It should and is designed to make you want more.
If you know the hymn Blessed Assurance, there is one line in there that describes it for us.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
Oh what a foretaste of glory divine

All of God’s blessings here, the beauty, the riches, the blessings should all be a foretaste of what heaven will be like.

A bite so small that you love the taste, but only enough to make you want more!

Thank you for joining us!

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