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10.27.2019 | Biblical Life Lessons - Disappointment
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October 27, 2019

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In Sympathy
Dick’s twin brother, Robert Sweitzer, went to be with the Lord on Thursday, Oct 22 after a short illness. Please keep Dick and the family in prayer!

Nov 2 ~ Bobbi Jo Blanchard
Nov 3 ~ Dick Sweitzer
Nov 4 ~ Pastor Jeff
Nov 13 ~ Erikah Nunez
Nov 21 ~ Marlene Kroft
Nov 22 ~ Lakelynn Wilson
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Nov 25 ~ Travis Luckenbaugh
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Nov 7 ~ Jason & Juliet Johnson

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Week 7 - October 27, 2019 - Pastor Jeff Bender

We’ve been sharing about what the Bible says about different things.

The Bible is very practical in how it deals with everyday life. We see that God does talk about godliness, marriage, husbands, wives, and forgiveness.
Today we're going to look at what God says about disappointment. We've all been disappointed...with people, with spouses, with children, with circumstances, with church, with Christians and even with God.

But the one area that might hit home the hardest is disappointment with God. All the other categories will eventually circle around to God. Especially if you are a believer.

Whatever kind of disappointment we experience, we might ultimately say that we are disappointed that God didn’t do something in that person’s life.

The reason we think this way is because we know that God is all powerful, and can do anything. And since we know that God is also good, why wouldn’t He do all of the above things?

Before we even start this section, we’re going to deal with our reaction to people. We probably won’t be able to change or fix the problem, it is about how WE deal with the issues caused by people.

Does our disappointment change us or affect us negatively?

a) People are sinful...

People aren’t sinners because we sin. We sin because we are sinners.

If we wonder why people are the way they are and why God allows bad things to happen to us because of other people, we have to understand free-will.

People are sinful and choose to do sinful things. God gave them the ability to choose wrong.
For free will to exist, people have to be able to choose to do bad things. When that happens, others are usually the recipient of the fallout from that sin.

Adam & Eve sinned and everyone after them suffered because of it. David sinned with Bathsheba and it cost Uriah and the baby their lives. Through no fault of their own.

Sinful people will do sinful things and innocent people will suffer.

This ultimately leads us to be disappointed in God and we’ll get to that later. Right now we’re looking at being disappointed in people.

Sometimes believers will just let you down. And cause you to be disappointed in them.
Demas was once a helper to Paul.
They were tight. And yet, Paul was let down and disappointed.

Christians will let you down. We can’t let our emotional well-being be dependent on others.

If our walk with God and relationship with him is built on how others behave and live their lives, at some point we will be disappointed.

We can’t let our disappointment with others negatively affect our walk with God.

We can’t change how people will live and behave, but we can make sure it doesn’t affect us.
b) People are human.

Another thing about disappointment with people is that people are human and sometimes let us down, not in a sinful way, but maybe in equally good choices.
Acts of the Apostles 15:38 NLT

Mark did not have that confrontational personality that Paul did. Mark got skiddish so Paul just dismissed him. I’m sure he was disappointed in Mark at the time.

Sometimes good Christians disagree and that disagreement might cause us to be disappointed in the other person. That they don’t think like you.

It’s okay to disagree on non-essentials as long as we’re not disagreeable. You don’t become mean and vindictive about it.

People who differ on non-essentials can be useful in the kingdom of God. The problem is, disagreement on things shouldn’t lead to disappointment in people.

Just because I disagree with John or David Jeremiah on a few issues, doesn’t mean I’m disappointed in them.

It doesn’t affect my walk with God. And we shouldn’t let our disagreements turn into disappointments. The enemy wants nothing more than to divide his people.

What happened later as Paul matured?
He realized that his knee jerk reaction to Mark’s different personality was not a hindrance to ministry but an asset.

People are created differently and we shouldn’t be disappointed in their differences, because their differences might be useful in God’s work.
People are sinful, people are human. . .

c) We are people.

Another form of disappointment is when we are disappointed in ourselves.

We’re disappointed in what action we took or didn’t take. How we responded or didn’t respond to an event or a person.

Ever wish you could go back and take something back you said or did? You hate what you did and feel disappointed in who you are.

It’s okay to be disappointed in your actions, but not in who you are.

You are not the sum total of your sins.

Look at Peter and tell me he wasn’t disappointed in himself.
I’m sure Peter was disappointed in himself. And that disappointment led him to feel like he was a failure.

In fact, he thought so much that he was a failure, the angel had to make it a point to find him and tell him otherwise.
Maybe you feel like a failure. That’s simply being disappointed in yourself on steroids.

At the men’s conference, we heard about the boxing example that Gil talked about.

One point he made was there is a difference between losing and failing. Losing is doing your best and not achieving your desired outcome.

This guy wanted to win, but he lost the fight. But in the end he learned how to be a fighter for the next time.

The loss didn’t make him disappointed in himself. He grew from the loss.

A failure is not ever trying in the first place. Assuming you will lose and therefore not trying.

Look at what Jesus said about the talents. Jesus said a guy gave 3 men some money and told them to watch out for it until he returns.

2 of the men invested. Investing means a possibility of losing.

One did nothing. He was afraid of losing so he didn’t even try.
He rebuked the one who didn’t try.

So which of these scenarios best describes you?

1) Are you disappointed in people because they sin against you? Did you trust someone only to have that trust betrayed which caused you pain?

When Demas deserted Paul, it ultimately didn’t affect his walk with Christ. He was about to be martyred and his faith was still strong.
2) Are you disappointed with other believers? Do others who don’t believe exactly like you do make you upset?

Have leaders that you trusted and respected let you down? Do their choices negatively affect your walk?

When Paul and Mark had their disagreement, both had fruitful ministries and Paul came to realize that their differences were both beneficial.
3) Are you disappointed in yourself? Do you think of yourself as a failure because of some things you have done?

Have your attempts at living right and doing the right thing ended in “losing” but not failing?

Just because you didn’t succeed at what you were attempting to do, doesn’t make you a failure.
You know the story, Jesus wanted to let Peter know that his denying wasn’t the end of what God wanted to do.

He asked him 3 times to affirm his love for Jesus and Jesus would tell him to keep being a shepherd to God’s people.

Our mistakes, and sins do not automatically disqualify us from being beneficial to God’s kingdom.

He can still use you. You are not a failure.

Next week we’ll look at times when we might be disappointed with God!

Thank you for joining us!

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