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Stay True: "My Importance"
The book of Galatians is one of the clearest presentations of the Gospel in the scriptures. God redeems people irregardless of their “lostness” through trust in Jesus Christ. Mercy undeserved; matchless favor for the broken. This is the glory of God’s grace. Galatians is both a letter to a church and a glimpse into their story. A people who’ve received Christ’s grace are at a crossroads in their own trust in Him. Though they’ve discovered redemption in Jesus, they face the pressure to conform to someone else’s expression of that faith. And the Apostle Paul writes to them to stay true to what the Gospel is all about: Hope comes from trusting Jesus, not what we can earn by performance or achievement. Salvation is a gift. And this gift is meant to change us. This series is all about staying true. And we are going to dive into this book in the effort to draw from it’s depths in order to stay true to Jesus.
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Kfirst Galatians Confession:
I live by trusting in Jesus, who loves me and gave His life for me,
So I might live free and abundantly in Him.
I daily follow and trust in the Holy Spirit, who leads me to love God and others,
For the benefit of those in Christ and those who have yet to know him
I walk in humility, recognizing my imperfections
And give grace to everyone in their pursuit of Christ.
Today, I surrender my life again to Jesus,
Allowing His character to be shown through me more and more
So my life continually invites people into the family of Christ.
I am in Christ and He is in me.

Where we see the most Church divide is when we have something outside of Christ that has become more significant than Christ.

Our identity in Christ has to become much greater than any other identity we possess.

“Jesus supersedes everything. Do not deny who you are. You can celebrate who you are. But it should never override who you are as a believer.” - @pastorceswims

The gospel is not just about me being in Christ, but Christ being in me and His gospel working through my life.


You are complete in Christ. Quit acting like someone else.

God will never give you a life that makes Him unnecessary.

The way you begin in the Christian life is also the way you continue in the Christian life.


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