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Imagine managers at a remote company location thinking they could keep all the profits if they would just ignore, physically intimidate, or even kill the home office representatives. Jesus told a story about managers just like this… and it turns out, we may be more like the managers than we'd like to admit.
1. Church leaders can get it wrong.
The tenants in the text are like church leaders today. In the story the people tending the grapes got it wrong, really wrong.

The vineyards in Isaiah and Mark

There is a lot of great information about the relationship between these two passages of scripture.
1. Describe times in history when church leaders were wrong about important decisions.
2. What are current topics in the nation today that church leaders are divided over.
3. What are some reasons church leaders might make wrong decisions?
2. Pastors are the servants in the story.
Even in churches with multiple pastors, there are other leaders. You can name them – elders, deacons, ministry team leaders, growth group facilitators. All of us who have leadership roles are tenants.

Pastors are called by God and by a congregation to come and minister to that congregation...

Prayer for the President

David Platt had only a few minutes notice that he would be praying for the President of the United States.
1. What are some of the responsibilities of a pastor you hadn’t given much thought to?
2. What are ways to support and encourage a pastor?
3. What are helpful ways to ask a pastor a question or disagree with them?
4. What is one of the most helpful or important things a pastor has done for you?
3. Seek humility above all else.
The religious leaders in Jesus day, might have chosen a different path and made better choices if they had sought humility above all else. But, they didn’t.
1. In verse 12, why would seeking humility have made a difference for the religious leaders?
2. In our decision making process as a church, how might exercising humility help? As individuals?
3. What turns people off about the church today? How would humility on the part of Christians help?
Next step:
What is one thing you can do differently because of this message?

At this time, StoneBridge is no longer collecting restaurant gift cards for The Samaritan Center. StoneBridge continues to be in partnership with the Samaritan Center and will now assist our community's disenfranchised by providing boxed dinners to clients. If you would like to take an active part in providing food and/or assembling boxed dinners, please contact the church office (805-526-5475 or to be added to the volunteer roster.

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