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Empowered: “Maintaining A Fire That Never Goes Out"

Acts of the Apostles 24:16 NLT

Acts of the Apostles 23:27 NLT

1. After 5 days, the high priest, Ananias, the Jewish elders, and the lawyer, Tertullus, came to present their case against Paul.
2. After complimenting Felix, Tertullus offers three punishable charges against Paul.
a. Spreading unrest throughout the Empire
b. Being a ringleader of a heretical religious sect that is not recognized by the Roman government
3. Paul responds with this defense:
Acts of the Apostles 24:10 NLT

a. He arrived only 12 days ago to worship at the Temple.
b. He never argued with anyone, nor did he create any riots.
c. He then turned his response into a testimony of his belief.
d. He identified with all the Jews in their beliefs.
e. He even honored the beliefs by the purification ceremony.
f. His only response that brought controversy was his belief in the resurrection.
4. Felix’s response was to wait for Claudius Lysias.
Acts of the Apostles 24:22 NLT

B. Paul shares his faith with Felix and Drusilla...
1. “Felix and his wife were quite colorful characters. Felix was the slave in the household of Antonia, the daughter of Mark Antony and Octavia and the mother of Roman emperor Claudius. Felix and his brother, Pallas, were given freedom and rose to positions of great influence during Claudius’ reign. Pallas become the chief accountant to the public treasury and amassed enormous wealth. Through his connections in high places, Felix got appointed as governor of Judea, a position that he probably held from A.D. 52-59. From his personal perspective, he had not done badly for a slave. His first wife was the granddaughter of Antony and Cleopatra. Drusilla was his third wife, a famous beauty who he seduced from her husband, a king in Syria. She was 18 or 19 when Paul spoke to them here. She was the daughter of Herod Agrippa I, who executed James and planned to do the same to Peter. She was the sister of Agrippa II and Bernice.” – Stephen J.Cole
2. Paul talked about his faith in Jesus to Felix and Drusilla multiple times.
Acts of the Apostles 24:24 NLT

3. Paul spoke about the hard issues of righteousness, self-control, and judgment.
Acts of the Apostles 24:25 NLT

4. Felix became frightened by their conversations.
Acts of the Apostles 24:25 NLT

5. Felix sent Paul away until it was more convenient.
Acts of the Apostles 24:25 NLT

6. Paul was left in prison for two years.
Acts of the Apostles 24:17 NLT

7. Felix was succeeded by Porcius Festus.
Acts of the Apostles 24:17 NLT

8. Shortly after Festus was in power, he heard the complaints against Paul and Paul appealed to be sent to Rome.
9. King Agrippa and Bernice arrive to pay respects to Festus and hear of Paul’s circumstances. Festus decides to send Paul to Rome.
Acts of the Apostles 25:25 NLT

1. When Paul was confronted with false charges, he carefully responded.
Takeaway: Whenever false accusations are brought against you, don’t let emotions control your responses.
2. When Paul was held prisoner because of false charges, he continued to share his faith.
Takeaway: Keep focused on the highest priority no matter what you face. Let the Light of Jesus shine through.
3. Paul was held in prison far longer than he ever anticipated.
Takeaway: Trust God with the delays in your life. Delay does not mean denial. God works through all the circumstances in our lives if we keep surrendered.
4. Paul’s only defense against the charges brought against him was his life of integrity. He spoke the Truth, he lived the Truth, and kept the Truth in his heart.
Takeaway: Your integrity speaks much louder than your words. How you live when no one is watching is your integrity. Keep your conscience clear!
5. Paul talked about his belief and obedience to the Jewish laws.
Takeaway: Whenever you are trying to reach someone for Jesus, find common ground. Always look for opportunities to share.
Step by step, Paul had been obedient and never realized how God would use it.
6. Paul shared the tough issues with Felix and Drusilla.
Takeaway: When God gives you the opportunity to share, don’t be afraid to share truth.
7. Paul honored all authorities, in spite of their lifestyles.
Takeaway: Honor goes to those in authority, even when you don’t feel they deserve it.
8. Felix’s response to Paul’s words.
Takeaway: When is it ever convenient to follow Christ?

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