Cadyville Wesleyan Church
Identity- Week 5- I Have Purpose
Identity. It influences every area of your life. It dictates what you do. If you see your identity as somebody worthless, you will act in a worthless manner. If you see yourself as smart, you act smart (or at least as a smart aleck). If you identify as an idiot, you'll act accordingly. But who does God say that I am? When you spend some time in the Scriptures, you will begin to unpack the identity that Christ desires for you and the Holy Spirit empowers you to become. In a new series that launches this Sunday, we will discover our identity in Christ and who that empowers us to become. Our identity matters. Discover a new way of seeing yourself as we launch our new series Identity: Who You Are Defines What You Do!
Locations & Times
  • Cadyville Wesleyan Church
    2083 NY-3, Cadyville, NY 12918, USA
    Saturday 6:00 PM
Jesus wants you to discover your true identity and allow that to impact every area of your life.
No matter how muddy you get, how battered and bruised and broken we feel, God sees what few may recognize: he sees your immeasurable value and beauty!
You are a masterpiece with a purpose!
Acts of the Apostles 2:44-47 NLT

The church was designed to be a place where we partner together with a purpose to meet the needs of one another and to drive the mission of God forward!
You are too important to not be part of God’s mission.
God is calling us all to be part of a partnership with him that will change the world.
The first shift that happens when you commit to being an purposeful partner is:
1) We move from me to we!
“Ask not what your church can do for you — ask what you can do for your church.”
The second shift that happens when you commit to being an purposeful partner is:
2) We move from optional to essential!
You are critical to this church.
You are indispensable.
You are needed!
Because you are an essential part of the body of Christ, when you do not participate in what God is doing, the whole body suffers!
The third shift that happens when you commit to being an purposeful partner is:
3) We move from spectator to servant!
The mission of God depends on the people of God partnering together to do more together than they could ever do alone.
He is calling you to offer your life back to him by serving the church he values so incredibly in order change the world he desires so desperately.