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Empowered: “Paul Is Tested in the Fire"

Acts of the Apostles 21:13 NLT

A. Finishing the third mission trip...
1. Paul and his companions traveled to Cos.
2. The next day they reached Rhodes and Patara. Rhodes was the home of The Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World! It was a 108-foot statue of the Greek god Helios, on a 50-foot white marble platform.
3. They boarded a cargo ship sailing for Phoenicia, past Cyprus.
4. They landed at Tyre in Syria where he found believers and stayed with them for a week.
5. They boarded a ship and traveled to Ptolemais and stayed one day.
6. The next day they traveled to Caesarea and stayed with Philip the Evangelist and his four daughters.
7. After several days, they packed and went to Jerusalem. There, they met with James and all of the elders of the Jerusalem church.
Acts of the Apostles 21:18-19 NLT

B. Paul encounters a lot of emotion...
1. Paul left the Ephesian elders with tears.
2. Paul left the believers in Tyre where they prophesied that he should not go to Jerusalem.
Acts of the Apostles 21:5-6 NLT

3. In Caesarea, Agabus prophesied of Paul’s desperate encounter that would be ahead in Jerusalem. The believers begged him not to go.
Acts of the Apostles 21:12 NLT

4. Paul gave a detailed account to the elders and responded to their concerns about Jewish laws.
Acts of the Apostles 21:24 NLT

5. After seven days, a mob was aroused and the whole city was in an uproar.
Acts of the Apostles 21:30 NLT

6. Paul requested to speak to the crowd. He shared his testimony. Acts 22:1-21
Acts of the Apostles 21:39 NLT

7. Paul revealed his Roman citizenship to the commander.
Acts of the Apostles 22:25 NLT

8. Paul appeared before the high council of Sadducees and Pharisees. They became divided by Paul’s declaration of his belief in the resurrection of the dead.
Acts of the Apostles 23:10 NLT

9. Paul’s nephew (his sister’s son) heard of the plot to kill Paul by more than 40 men.
Acts of the Apostles 23:12 NLT

10. The commander moved Paul to safety by sending him to Governor Felix in Caesarea.
Acts of the Apostles 23:23-24 NLT

C. How do we know when it is God’s will or not? How do we discover God’s will?
1. First, surrender to His will.
2. Obey what you know to be God’s command.
3. Trust God to show you His will.
4. Live a life of gratefulness.
6. Look at your gifts and see how God can use them.
7. Learn to listen and recognize God’s voice.
8. Delight in Him and commit your way to Him.
10. Look for open and closed doors.

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