Journey Christian Church
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    Saturday 10:00 AM
    3828 Leila Pl, Jefferson, LA 70121, USA
    Saturday 10:00 AM
Our God-given mission and Core Values here at Journey are best experienced when we choose to intentionally pursue "Authentic Community Life".
The challenge of "Authentic Community Life" is in the application, the challenge is in making it a daily reality.
Big Idea:
Authentic Community in God's kingdom provides meaning and purpose because we exist for one another.

>>> We can be highly successful, but relationally bankrupt
We can get so consumed with investing time and energy into wealth and career growth that we don't have the time to invest in connecting with people.
We need to connect to community to break down the loneliness created by a chase for more wealth and stuff.
>>> Life in God's Kingdom is all about interdependent connection.

Interdependence is what we communicate when we say "Lean On Me".
Life is a journey and on that journey we encounter certain challenges - We fall, We experience the cold, and we get attacked.

>>> We are individuals designed to weave our lives with other people.