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10.18.2020 | Heaven - Week 7
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October 18, 2020

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Week 7 - October 18, 2020 - Pastor Jeff Bender

Well this is lesson 7 in our series on heaven.

Up till now we have learned several things.
1) Heaven being a real physical place.

2) How to get there, what is there, it’s permanent, and who will be there.

3) You get there instantly upon your death, escorted by angels and met when you arrive

4) And you will have things to do when you are there.

5) Our bodies will be perfect, immortal, incorruptible, we will eat, and we will have some form of these bodies. That others will recognize

6) Rewards

Today we’re going to drill down into something I mentioned early on. I said that heaven is a real place and that the Bible describes it as a country and a city.

So let’s look at what the Bible says about the city in heaven.
When I say the word “city”, what come to your mind? There are probably many images that we think of: inner-city, small town?

York? New York? LA? Pittsburgh?

Crowded? Traffic Jams? Cabs? Skyscrapers?

The first great city according to Historians was a place called “Catalhoyuk” in Turkey.

3000 people in 6500 BC. 4000 years before Abraham.

Many different cities have claimed the title of largest.
What city do you think is the largest today? Tokyo 38M people.
Imagine what future cities will be like. There was an article in Business Insider.

Not sure the year it was written, but it said this: In the future, people will be able to walk in their houses and say “turn the thermostat up and turn on the lights.”’

We have that already. In Star Trek-automatic doors. . . I googled this and there are many things that were sci fi 40 years ago that are normal today.

There was a musical “Oklahoma” and there was a song that had these lyrics:
Everything's up to date in Kansas City
They gone about as fer as they can go
They went an' built a skyscraper seven stories high
About as high as a buildin' orta grow.

Every year we see advances in things that boggle the mind. Tokyo is planning a building that will go 1 mile in the air.

These are advances that human beings are able to achieve.

All the skyscrapers and buildings we have today, even if they are a mile high, will come crashing down in an earthquake and be consumed by fire.
Once this has been completed, then God builds the New Heavens and New Earth.
Can you imagine what heaven will be like?

If it is described as a city, what physical characteristics will it have?

The Bible refers to heaven as a city in different ways.
And the verse that begins one of the best description of the city of heaven . . .
We are amazed at a building 1 mile high. Here we have a city that is 1500 miles in every direction.

The distance from the center of Maine to Orlando FL is about 1600 miles to give you an idea of the size of this one city; Atlantic coast to Colorado

Plus it’s wall was also 1500 miles high. So you have a cube that measures 1500 miles on every side.

1,960,000 sq miles

15,000 times bigger than London, 20 times bigger than New Zealand, 10 times bigger than England.

Got a handle on the size.

Okay, think about this. Jerusalem is not heaven per se. It is the capital city of heaven.

And it already exists.
It’s God’s city. He is already there. Then it moves from there to earth.
Remember, God is going to destroy the current earth by fire and then create a new earth. Then this city, which already exists in the third heaven, which we talked about earlier, will now come down to the new earth.

So what will this new city be like, aside from the fact it will be huge?
The Wycliffe Bible Commentary says this:
A holy city in which no lie will ever be uttered in a hundred million years, no evil word will ever be spoken, no shady business deal will ever even be discussed, no unclean picture will ever be seen, no corruption of life will ever be manifest. It will be holy because everyone in it will be holy!
Can you imagine one pearl-large enough to make a huge gate? I assume that the gates are as high as the walls-1500 miles!

Think about the formation of a pearl.

An irritant gets in an oyster, and the oyster has to suffer the pain of that until the pearl is formed.

The gates might symbolize that to enter into the city required the pain Christ endured for us.
We aren’t sure if it was 12 layers deep or it at 12 stones at various points along the footer, or if the 12 stones went the whole way around.

I think the 12 layers is the most logical.

In any case, it must be a glorious sight. These stones would be large enough to support the 1500 mile high, long and wide, walls.
The way these are listed leads me to believe the 12 layer theory.

As this city drops to earth, can you imagine the brilliance and color that it must radiate?

Will there be a sun to reflect off the stones?
It doesn’t say there won’t be one, but that God’s light will overpower the sun.

Now imagine that bright flawless light shining on the stones made of jewels?
The gold we have today, even at it’s purest form, is not like glass, so imagine the beauty of a gold that is translucent?

Or maybe since we’ll have perfect eyesight, we’ll be able to see it differently than we would here.

So far we have seen that the city in heaven is holy, it’s huge, and the gates and footers or foundations are beautifully made out of pearls, precious stones and gold.

What else is in the city?
Remember where this tree is also mentioned?
What was this tree supposed to do?
It seems that there are 2 trees, one on each side of the river.

The wording suggests a singular tree on either side, not multiple trees--on each side of the river grew

So each of the 2 trees grew many types of fruit. Now, every tree can only grow 1 type of fruit, but in heaven, they will grow many.

And this is also another indication that we will eat in heaven. The bible doesn’t say, but can we assume that we eat the fruit?

If there is a new crop every month, what happens to the old crop?
An aside here, the Bible uses the term month, which to me indicates that time will be measured in heaven.

It does say we can eat the leaves as well.

The word medicine used here is actually the word “therapeia” from which we get “therapy”.

It appears that the leaves will give us a greater sense of enjoyment and fulfillment.

As one commentator puts it. . . “It will be heaven’s therapy for our ever-increasing well-being.”
Another reference to the New Jerusalem being a city.

Is this river mentioned elsewhere?
I didn’t know this, but as I studied this verse, it seems that a great number of great cities have rivers associated with them

Cairo-The Nile
Baghdad-The Tigris
Budapest-The Danube
London-The Thames
Paris-The Seine
Rome-The Tiber
NY-The Hudson
Washington-The Potomac
Pittsburgh has 3 (Ohio, Allegheny, Monongahela)

There are places along rivers that make for a great scenic walk. A beautiful view of nature.

But not Jerusalem. No rivers running thru or around it.

But in heaven that will change.

It will have a river that is crystal clear that starts at the throne of God and runs right thru the city.

There are many and most are someone’s idea of heaven, most have a staircase and one set of pearly gates.

I realized that even though we have some description of heaven and what the city will be like, we can’t really understand the glory and majesty it will be.

From what we can glean from these images of heaven, it sounds like a place we all want to be.

Unfortunately, there will be many who will not be there.

Revelation has numerous warnings about not being allowed in.
All believers would fall into one or more of those categories, but when we come to Christ and ask for forgiveness, he erases all of them.

Now when God sees us, he doesn’t see liars and murderers and idolaters, he sees Jesus and he sees our names written down, reserving our place.

Jesus said to the apostles who just had a great ministry experience:
Our joy here should not rely on what we accomplish or what we possess.

Because all of that will eventually be gone.

It comes from knowing that when this life is over, my name is in the guest book and my place is reserved for me.

Thank you for joining us!

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