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Faith Without Distraction — Grit, Guts & Glory Week 9
Judges 11
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Do you believe that God often uses the weak, the unexpected, the undeserving, the undesirable, divorcees, recovering addicts, the humble, the poor, the last pick, or someone like you? Do you believe and see that in yourself and those around you?
One of the biggest reasons we count out ourselves or others or think too highly of ourselves or others is because we have mixed in some other belief and become convinced that God uses the great and dismisses the least of these. The Gospel actually flips that principle upside down and says that God humbles the mighty and raises up the weak. He makes much of the lowly and makes fools of the great ones.

Do you have friends that have made huge mistakes and you think they are too far gone for God to use? You’d never invite them to church or talk with them about Christ because you think there’s no hope? Church, hear me, this place isn’t for the the perfect, strong, wealthy, well put together of Middle Tennessee to gather on Sunday, it’s a place for the sick, the hurting, the sinful, the helpless to Find Life in Christ!

Often, it’s the people we least likely expect for God to save and use that He works in and even starts movements with.

Are you setting your kids up to be beautiful to the world but useless to the Lord?
We are not saying don’t get your kid braces and encourage them to flunk out of school so the Lord will use them. But saying that unless we feed their souls and not just their egos and their resumes, we’ve missed the point of parenting.
God uses an unexpected man who makes big mistakes.
We combine faith in the Lord and trusting in Christ with other things. Many of which may seem small, but can be very deeply impacting and even costly.

Some of the things we mix in that distract a pure faith in following the Lord are:
• Animism - God is found in objects
• Hedonism - Pleasure is ultimate
• Superstition - Special patterns produce certain results
• Gnosticism - knowledge is the means to God
• Universalism - all roads lead to God
• Pluralism - more than one way to God
• Mysticism - an unknown idea or practice that leads people to discover God in places no one knew he could be found
• Humanism - man is at the center of everything
• Deism - there is a God, but not personal
• Dudeism - we can actually create a religion by just inserting our name and defining it by our practice.
When we distract our faith with these other things and other beliefs, we too have a great cost. And typically that cost is two fold: an unsatisfied heart that keeps longing for more and looking for it in the wrong places AND a life that is deeply displeasing to the Lord. This causes us inner turmoil, confuses people around us, costs us good things in our lives, dishonors the Lord. The cost of distracted faith is damaging.

What do we do about this if we see this in ourselves? What do we do about it?
1) How to prepare so we can kill this before it starts in us. Be in the Word, have people in your life that will affirm what the Bible says, and be actively engaged in the church.
2) There is a way to deal with this if you find yourself in the middle of it, too. Repent, turn, go after something better and greater AND be in the word, have people in your life that will affirm what the Bible says, and be actively engaged in the church.
• God will often use those least expected and even undeserving.
• You can’t earn anything from God.
• Guard your faith from the damaging distractions that have become so widely accepted in the Christian life.

Nothing you do has or will change God’s affection for you. But your affection for God will certainly affect what you do.
Small areas of disobedience lead to large areas of disaster.