First Baptist Church
When God Hides His Face from Us
Message Series on How to Find God
Locations & Times
  • First Baptist Church in Ramona
    499 4th St, Ramona, OK 74061, USA
    zondag 7:20 AM
To seek Him is to find Him.
To find Him is to know Him.
To know Him is to love Him.
That's what we were created for.
How do I seek after God?
Seek Him with your whole heart.
God is right in demanding your whole heart.

Seek Him with a Pure Heart - An Undivided Heart
What keeps us from finding God?
The great divide.
How do I remove the barrier?
Non-Christian - Need Jesus.

Christian - Daily process
Cut Off
Confess - to say the same thing God says.
Cleanse - Deal with the cause of the sin.
He will purify our hearts.
Cut off the things that that keep you from giving God your whole heart.

What is coming out of you is revealing what is inside you.
The problem isn't the circumstances for the Christian.
It's the heart that responds to them.
What are your responses to life saying about what is inside you?
The change must begin in your heart.
It is a work of God through His Son Jesus Christ.
Even things that may not be bad in themselves but are taking your time and attention away from Him.
Are you willing to get rid of any good think in your life in order to know God?
How bad do you want it?
Ask Him to reveal the things that are in the way and commit to removing them.