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Join us throughout June & July as we’ve got some voices from our own house and some in our city to help us grow in our faith! We’ll raise the praise together every Sunday at 5pm, and remember: summer’s a great time to go out for dinner, coffee, or ice cream after service with some friends and meet some new ones!
Locations & Times
  • Elements City Church
    1825 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA
    Sunday 5:00 PM

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We pray that tonight would be encouraging for you. If you're a guest here with us, we invite you to fill out our communication card in our app or at the Next Steps table in the back of the auditorium after service, we'd love to meet you and we have a free gift for you. Click the link below to see THE WEEKLY - our digital announcements/info for all things happening in and around Elements...or find everything ya need in our app.

Have you ever spent time at the lake? Skipped rocks across the water? There is a reaction that occurs when the rock touches the surface of the water - it's called the "Ripple Effect". Webster's says it's like: a spreading, pervasive, effect or influence; or a situation in which one event causes a series of other events to happen.
I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. –Mother Teresa
Jesus has come into our lives and, by the presence of his Spirit, he is shaping us and making us to be people (the church) after his heart and a people who can have a ripple effect for HIM in this generation and the ones to come!
As God’s people and as The Church – we’re to have a ‘ripple effect’ =
an ever-expanding reach of impact and influence for Jesus. The church carries the proclamation of redemption in a world filled with corruption. The church is the steward of the gospel. The Good News that life with God is available through faith in Christ! To one – to ALL. To every tongue, tribe & nation. The church carries the power of community in a culture filled with isolation. The church carries the power of healing in a world bathed in brokenness. The church carries the LIGHT & HOPE of Jesus – a hope that can uplift the downcast and the light that illuminates a path forward for those searching for truth and desiring a life of significance.
Jesus said His Father is always working… and that He is always at work as well. We’re to join in that work, to partner with God in His activity.
God is at work. God is still active (he’s not distant, distracted, or dormant - friends). God is active in an ever-expanding scope of work…in us, through our reach, within our city, all around our world.
We’re to do that here & now - within the scope of our reach that we have.
We’re to do that in ever-expanding ways – that leads us out within our own city and around our world. A month ago – there was a team of 16 people from Pantano Christian and Elements that took off on another trip to Ecuador. (here's a video interview from that team)
God IS still at work! In Ecuador. In Tucson.
All around the world.
What did Jesus say?
“My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.”
We – (you and me) as the Church – have been invited to join in.
We’ve been sent – active agents for God and His good within our reach.
And We’re to have an ever-expanding reach of impact and influence for Jesus.
That doesn’t mean we have to work harder and do more in order to be right with God. We live by grace, not effort. And God recognizes we’re limited in our scope, capacity – but the truth WE MUST WRESTLE WITH IS: in our fast paced, FULLY scheduled, commotion oriented life – are we shutting off our reach? Are we cocooning more in order to stay safe and comfortable, not be inconvenienced and thus missing out on the ever-expanding work of God that’s going on around us? Missing out on partnering with HIM?
The challenge for us: may be as simple as:
-Is our vision expanding to see people the way Jesus does? To notice people more this year then we did 3 years ago?
-Is our time expanding – able to be interrupted by assignments/opportunities that Jesus brings across our path to partner with him in sharing love, hope?
-Are our resources expanding in God’s direction – open to his leadership and direction and not just sequestered for our usage alone.
-Is our compassion expanding – our hearts open to get involved with what God is up too with quicker reaction and deeper effort?
God’s looking for his followers to work and partner alongside him.
In the middle of our homes
Across our streets
All throughout our city
All around our world
Because God is still at work friends!
With Jesus – we’re to have a ripple effect for God & His good, his impact and influence in this world – for this generation and generations to come.
A parable about "2 seas and ME":
I’ve sailed on the Sea of Galilee and I’ve floated in the Dead Sea.
Both the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee have freshwater inlets.
Yet only one teems with life.
It has an outlet.
The Dead Sea actually has *more* freshwater flowing in, but everything stagnates, shrivels, dies.
Because it’s AlLL intake, NO output.
The point: “Don’t be a Dead Sea Christian.”

As God’s people and as The Church – we’re to have a ‘ripple effect’ =
an ever-expanding reach of impact and influence for Jesus.
NEED PRAYER? ....we've got some of our prayer team and pastors available following service to pray with you. Or you can text the word "prayer" to our phone number: #520-300-9001 to submit your prayer request or submit one via our app. We look forward to partnering with you in prayer.

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Join us next week as we have our next WORSHIP NIGHT! It promises to be a great time of lingering in praise and prayer as we conclude our summer series with worship to our Great Savior! 5pm, Sunday July 29th