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Empowered: “Taking the Fire to the People" Part 2

Acts of the Apostles 19:20 NLT

A. Paul continues on the third mission trip...
1. Paul continued to Greece and stayed for three months. It is believed he wintered in Corinth when travel was difficult. While in Corinth, he wrote Romans.
2. It is believed he set sail for Syria to celebrate Passover in Jerusalem, but due to the threats, he headed over by land. He had to readjust his schedule to Pentecost rather than Passover.
3. He was accompanied by a group of traveling companions: Sopater from Berea, Aristarchus and Secundus from Thessalonica, Gaius from Derbe, Timothy and Tychicus from Trophimus in Asia.
4. The group went ahead and they all met at Troas. Troas was a large Roman colony and 10-15 miles south of the site of the Trojan Wars. It was the best harbor in the region and very prosperous.
1. Paul preached until midnight and many lamps were lit.
2. Eutychus fell sound asleep and fell out of the third story window.
3. Paul stopped preaching long enough to bring him back from the dead, grab a bite to eat, and then preached till morning.
C. Paul’s words to the Ephesian Elders…
Acts of the Apostles 20:16 NLT

1. Paul reminded the elders of the importance of a lifestyle that supports the message of the gospel.
2. A lifestyle must serve with humility. Humility is a life yielded to God, submissive to God, and indebted to all people.
3. A lifestyle would include tears. Paul felt intensely about the work or reaching others with the gospel.
4. A lifestyle will include trials. Everyone who seeks to serve God will face opposition.
5. A message of courage should accompany this lifestyle--courage that is willing to offer truth.
6. Paul’s heart was compelled by the Spirit in spite of what he might face!
7. Paul faithfully discharged the message.
8. Paul gave the warning of those who would divide.
9. Paul reassured them of his integrity and his model of care before they prayed together. They wept and went with him to the ship.
1. Paul originally thought he would make it to Jerusalem by Passover but had to change his plans to Pentecost. How do you handle changes in your plans?
2. Paul’s message took the highest priority…nothing kept him from sharing the truth! Do you have a passion to share your joy and peace with others?
3. Paul’s lifestyle backed up his message. Would others be open to hearing your testimony based on your life?
4. Paul’s served with humility! Are you fully yielded to God, submissive to His will, and grateful to all who have impacted your life?
5. Paul’s passion brought him to tears. When was the last time you had tears over those who were lost in your world…other than your family?
6. Serving God will always have trials. What is your attitude toward the setbacks that come to you?
7. Paul was willing to face whatever was before him. His deep love for God had brought him to the place where nothing mattered more than his faith! Have you come to the place where you are fully surrendered to His will…whatever that may be?

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