First Baptist Church
How do I seek after God?
Part 2 of the Message Series on How to Please God.
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    499 4th St, Ramona, OK 74061, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
To seek Him is to find Him.
To find Him is to know Him.
To know Him is to love Him.
That's what we were created for.
If Seeking is Finding, then How Do I Seek after God?
What are His Conditions?
Seek Him with your Whole Heart
It not just an external activity.
Wholehearted - Single Minded
God begins to draw you to His Son Jesus.
It starts within you.
It gives birth to a commitment.
You begin to change from within.

Seek Him with a Pure Heart - An Undivided Heart
Seek Him with a Clean Heart
Sin separates us from God.
Get rid of the sin occupying space in your life.
Other gods, other loves.
Lord forgive me for wanting you for what you can do for me.
Our prayer: Show me what a pure heart is and give me one.
Reveal where my heart is divided and have other loves.
I want to love you for who you are.

What is your greatest love? Your greatest fear?
If your greatest love is God, then your greatest fear will be losing God.
Your greatest desire will be God.

God is right in demanding your whole heart.
A Single Minded Heart wants One Thing
God and Him alone.
We can get occupied with the things God gives us and forget Him.

Seek His Face, Not His Hands.
We need the Giver, not the gifts.
We need the Blesser, not the blessings.
We need the Victor, not the victories.

More Than Anything

Listen to the words of this song and reflect on where you heart is.What do you want more than anything?