Manheim BIC Church
God's character and intent for us shown through Moses' story can inspire us to go deeper, interrupt our comfort, move us to celebrate, and live out our very own Faith-filled journey. The covenant with Moses was a foreshadowing of the covenant we have with Jesus to bring us face to face with our God once more.
Locations & Times
  • Manheim BIC Church - Assembly & Live Stream
    54 N Penryn Rd, Manheim, PA 17545, USA
    duminică 9:00 AM, duminică 10:30 AM
  • MBIC (LIVEstream), 54 N Penryn Rd, Manheim, PA 17545, USA
    duminică 10:30 AM
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Being Face to Face with God will produce in us:

1 - A reckless love for others to experience His presence.

2 - A love for more of His presence.
Bowing low can be the same as walking in obedience. You and I living out a 'yes' to God today is the same as bowing to Him as King.

Time with God face to face, connecting with Him, will birth in us a desire to walk in alignment with the King and a passion to help others do the same.
The truth is our worship is: Love Expressed God's way.
God's love language is obedience.
Salvation is what He did for us in an expression of love, sending His son Jesus. Worship demonstrates our response of thanks and love for Him.

Sunday Service Survey

Staff and Leadership Board have been discussing how to best arrange our Sunday services to propel us forward, include as many people as possible, and create room for growth. We are intending to move to three (1 mask required and 2 mask optional) services in the Assembly on a Sunday, and discontinue the video service in the Chapel. If you haven't already, filling out this QUICK survey will help us better prepare for making a Sunday morning shift.

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