Faith Assembly Orlando
Faith Assembly | Weekend Services
Faith Assembly of God in Orlando, FL. October 3-4th, 2020. Sermon Series: 7:14 If My People with Pastor Matt Engle
Locations & Times
  • Faith Assembly in Orlando
    9307 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32825, United States
    Saturday 6:00 PM
  • Faith Assembly Online Campus (
    Saturday 6:00 PM
7:14 If My People
Humble Themselves (Fasting)
As Christians, we have rights that come with His name, but then there are also rewards that are separately achieved.
Some things in God, we have to CLAIM to - other things are CONDITIONAL.
Some manifestations of God we are ENTITLED to, others are EARNED.
God has determined that certain expressions of His power will only be exercised through fasting and prayer.
Absolute Fast: You take in nothing- no food, no water. Depending on your health, this fast should be attempted only with medical consultation and supervision.

Normal Fast: Typically go without food of any kind for a certain number of days. You drink plenty of water! Depending on the length of the normal fast you may also choose to take clear broth and juices in order to maintain strength.

Partial Fast: A partial fast usually involves giving up particular foods and drink for an extended period of time. (most common example is Daniel’s fast where he refused to eat choice meats and sweets from the King’s table, asking instead to only eat vegetables and water.)
1. Participation
"When you fast..." (v. 16)
What's another aspect of fasting that seemed important to Jesus?

2. Motivation
Why you do what you do is often times more important than what you do!
What's another aspect of fasting that seemed important to Jesus?

3. Expectation