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Sunday Morning Service
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Psalm 33
“Life From The Overflow”

1. The Christian life is life from the overflow. Is your Christian life a life from the overflow?
2. Ps. 33 To overflow we must know God:

The Christian life is life from the overflow. Is your Christian life a life from the overflow?
Praise is commanded. Rejoice…Praise…Sing…Play(Eph. 5:18, 19) Be not drunk with filled with the Spirit. Speaking to yourselves in psalms, hymns, spiritual songs
making melody in your hearts as unto the Lord.
A. Thankfully 1
1. This connects us with Psalm 32.
2. Ring out your joy…sin is forgiven!
3. The God who forgives is a God who is in control.
B. Thoroughly 2
1. Tune up the instruments! Pull out all the stops! God loves variety! Bring out all
the musical skills that you have.
2. God is not displeased with a variety of musical instruments. In the Old Testament it
was commanded again and again. In the New Testament music begins in the
hearts, but it flows to our voices and hands.
C. Thoughtfully 3
1. A new song…in the original it suggests a song never heard before.
2. Our thoughts about God should ever be exploring new frontiers of wonder and awe
expressing themselves in new avenues of praise.
3. Play skillfully with a loud noise…could that be a drum?!Play skillfully with a
shout of joy (NASV)

The Christian life is life from the overflow. Is your Christian life a life from the overflow?
At once our thoughts are directed to the Word. For the Lord expresses His majesty in His
A. The Moral Power Of His Word 4,5
1. The world today has lost its moorings.
2. We have cast the ship of state adrift upon the tides of time without sail, anchor,
rudder, chart or compass.
3. Mankind today needs no outside standard of reference.
4. There are absolutes of morality: faithfulness, truth, righteousness, justice,
lovingkindness. This is who He is!!
B. The Manifest Power Of His Word 6,7
Creation shows the fingerprint of God.
1. The same word that breathes through the pages of the Bible is the very word that
spokethe stars into being.
2. In the beginning…there was an intelligent designer. Our galaxy is 100,000 light
years across. One light year is 6 billion miles. There is estimated to be over 200
billion galaxies beyond ours. In recent years astronomers have photographed
quasars (galaxy like objects) 15 billion light years away.
3. How did we get our mountains? How is it we find fossils on the top of
mountains??? (Psalm 104:6-8) The mountains rose up and the valleys sank down.
C. The Moving Power Of His Word 8
1. This is the counsel of common sense. Behind this universe is an omniscient,
omni-potent God!Stand it awe!
2. There is no excuse. God has revealed Himself. We should worship Him!
D. The Matchless Power Of His Word 9
1. He spoke and it was done! He commanded and it stood fast!
2. One word from Him and light rushed out some 100,000 light years (our milky way
galaxy)! One word from Him and light rushed out some 15 billion light years or
more! Just one word!

The Christian life is life from the overflow. Is your Christian life a life from the overflow?
In the USA people do not want to hear the truth; they want to hear what pleases them. The
nations are in His hands.
A. He Is All-Wise 10-12
The Nations and Their Decisions
1. The Nations That Rebel At God’s Word 10-11
Iran, China, Russia…Its total and devastating overthrow has already been
decreed! In the USA over 60 million babies have been aborted since 1973. Now
they are selling baby parts. A major party wants abortion to be available through 9
months. LBGTQ is accepted as normal. We are over $25 trillion in debt.
2. The Nations That Respond To God’s Word 12
The decline of both England and America is a in step with their growing
independence of God.
B. He Is All-Seeing 13-15
The Nations And Their Destinies
1. Their Communities 13,14
He looks…the Lord sees and knows. Live like God is watching you!
2. Their Characteristics 15
Each nation has its own characteristic, yet at heart, they are all the same!
C. He Is All-Mighty 16-17
The Nations And Their Difficulties
1.No matter how powerful a nation might be, no matter how great its armaments,
God is not impressed!
2.The destiny of nations are in His hands! The economic fate of the world does not lie in the hand of the rich!

The Christian life is life from the overflow. Is your Christian life a life from the overflow?
A. The Haven Of the Saved 18,19
Those who fear Him…those who hope in His mercy(hope the word is found less than 50
times in extra biblical literature) Jesus brings hope!To deliver them from eternal
death Do you know Christ?
B. The Help Of The Saved 20
1. Waiting seems to be the age long lot of God’s people.
2. Help is on the way! He is our shield!
C. The Happiness Of The Saved 21
1. The secret of happiness is in Him!
2. He never changes. He will never let us down.
D. The Hope Of The Saved 22

Does your life overflow?
Get your eyes off yourself.
Get to know God!
Yield to Jesus Christ.
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