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6.10.2018 | Acts - Week 10
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June 10, 2018

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
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We have scheduled our VBS for July 8-11 from 6:30 pm—8:30 pm. The theme in case anyone was wondering, is BIG CITY HEROES!We still need everyone to help in some way. We need volunteers to work, give, invite and PRAY! Begin praying now for God to use this to reach the children in our neighborhoods. To Register your children, go to

Father's Day
Join us next week as we celebrate the important men in our lives. We will be taking pictures of dads and their children outside the upstairs nursery. Come prepared!


Mandated Clearances for Childcare Workers
It is time to revisit every children’s ministry worker’s need for update clearances. If you work or deal in ANY capacity with children at Dover Assembly and are over 18, you are required by law to have current State Police and ChildLine clearances and Mandated reporter training. Pastor Jeff will be approaching those who need such clearances. If your clearances are out of date (older than 5 years) or we do not have them in our files, you will need to apply for them ASAP. No one will be permitted to work with children until all clearances have been obtained.

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New Entrance Doors Into The Lower Level
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Independence Day
There will not be an evening service on Wednesday, July 4. Enjoy the day with family and friends!

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Last week we left off many people still coming to hear about this Messiah in spite of the judgment that came upon Ananias & Sapphira.

People saw and experienced the power and reality of God as He performed the miraculous. People were healed and delivered by God’s power.

As they experienced the miracles, they heard the gospel and many were saved.

Now we come to the consequence of truth. Warren Weirsbe calls this section “Truth & Consequences”. Why? Because when you tell people truth that they don’t want to believe, there will be consequences.
Why do they care about what 2 fishermen are teaching? Because it was threatening their power and authority.

People were coming out to hear them, people were having their lives changed and when that happens, those who previously had sway over them begin to lose their authority.

When we get saved, people who are negative influencers in our lives also lose their sway over us. They don’t occupy the position in your life like they did.
Acts of the Apostles 4:17-18 NLT

They were guilty of defying the laws of the nation.

Second, what they were preaching and what was happening to the people was refuting what was the belief of the day.

They were preaching things that contradicted what the religious leaders had taught. Sadducees as we know do not believe in an afterlife.
To say that Jesus rose from the dead meant everything they taught and believed was wrong.

They were calling into question, the belief system of those rulers.

But it was hard to refute the miracles so they saw their positions of authority begin to crumble.
We are seeing this same thing happening in our political world right now. We have heard the phrase “draining the swamp.”

People who have been in positions of power for decades see that power beginning to erode.

So what happens? They attack those who are trying to make this change.

Just like they are attacking the apostles.
Notice that they didn’t resist arrest nor organize a public protest. They quietly went along with the guards, and they spent some time in jail.

Nor did they say that they would stop preaching. Nor did they try to change what they were saying to make them go easier on them.

They accepted the consequences.

Jesus told them this would happen.
Whenever you stand for the truth, there will be those who do not want to hear truth and will do whatever they can to silence you.

Being a Christian who does not give in, will result in attacks.
So here you have 2 actions that were not anticipated by the leaders.

1) The Sadducees don’t believe in Angels, but it was an angel that released them.

2) The fact that God did a miracle when they had been told to not do miracles. The action of the enemy resulted in God getting glory again!

What the enemy meant for evil, God used for Good! What we may think is a negative due to suffering for the kingdom, God actually turns around for His good.
We have 2 groups of people. Notice the difference: The leaders had no power, the laymen had God’s power.

God uses ordinary people to accomplish great things.

Everyone in here can be used by God for extraordinary feats.

God also told them to keep preaching the whole truth.

As Christians, we can’t pick and chose what we teach and what we don’t. Or what we believe and what we don’t want to believe.

Our job is to know and do the whole message of this new life.
Acts of the Apostles 5:21-26 NLT

Notice that the apostles reacted the same way Jesus did--without causing any commotion.

As Christians we cannot retaliate when being rightly or wrongly opposed.

That doesn’t mean we don’t use all legal means available, it means we don’t cause a riot to win our case.

Paul asserted his claim that he was a Roman citizen and therefore had rights before the rulers and demanded that he be accorded those rights.
Acts of the Apostles 22:25-27 NLT

Notice they weren’t going after whether or not what they taught was true. They only accused them or violating the order not to teach.

It’s hard if not impossible to defeat truth, so you attack the person telling you the truth.

If the messenger is disqualified, their message is disqualified, regardless of it’s truth or not.
Due to their arrest and jail time, God gave them another opportunity to teach.

The apostles accused them of killing Jesus. With all the people now following them, the council was afraid of losing position and power if they were seen as causing Jesus’ death.

They only wanted to preserve their authority and stop the rising disturbance among the people.

If we can make them shut up, maybe the people will leave us alone.
They didn’t care if what they said was true or not, they only wanted to protect themselves.
You can tell a spiritual battle when a person’s opposition to Jesus is so profound.

The rulers told the again to stop it, but what did they do?
They did not change their convictions based on what they may face.

They obeyed God and trusted Him with the outcome.

They did just the opposite of what they were told to do. They preached to these guys!

They could have said what they wanted to hear and just gone out and preached, but they didn’t. They again accused the leaders of killing Jesus.
They didn’t change their message based on who was listening. They weren’t diplomats, they were ambassadors!

Diplomats try to reach an understanding or a compromise.

Ambassadors proudly represent their country to everyone else without compromise.

It was a bold and uncompromising witness that these guys gave to the council. They had no fear, because they knew God would be with them and tell them what to say.

Luke and the others knew what Jesus told them back in Luke’s gospel.
And when God fills your mouth with uncompromising truth, what is the result?
Don’t be surprised that if you stand up for truth, those that oppose you will usually not be your best friend.

Don’t be surprised when people do not like or appreciate us.
What is the take-away today? What was the point of all of this?

FIRST: There are four responses we see today to God’s truth. We looked at 2 today and we’ll look at the remaining 2 next week.

The 2 we saw today when faced with God’s truth:
1) People attack the truth by attacking those who say the truth. Nothing new under the sun.
2) We as Christians have to constantly re-affirm the truth.

SECOND: As Christians we need to constantly rely on the Holy Spirit to enable us to both teach and learn what God’s truth is. If we think we can get by without the power of the Holy Spirit, or that we can stand in our own ability or power, we are mistaken.

Victories only come through the Holy Spirit as we are obedient to Him.

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