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Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
Psalm 32:1-11
“The Joy Of Salvation”

1. Is there joy in your salvation? By mere observation would a non-christian want your type of
2. Of all people Christians should be full of joy. In Psalm 32:1-11 David says, Be Glad
Rejoice, Shout for joy

Why should every Christian be full of joy?
Psychologists tell us the problem with much of society is the feeling of guilt. The reason
many feel guilty is because they are. The only cure for guilt is forgiveness!
Do you know a greater tragedy? To be forgiven and live as though you are guilty.
A. The Blessedness of Forgiveness 1,2
Blessed…to be spiritually happy or prosperous. David uses four words to describe a
certain aspect of sin and then he shows the remedy.
1. Sin Is A Defiance 1a
Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven.
*Transgression… ‘departure from the Lord’…open defiance to His word. A child
says, “NO” to a parents command and stomps his feet, throws a fit! That is the
word here!
*Forgiven…a burden that is removed or lifted. The picture is that of a burden lifted
or a barrier removed. My rebellion has been carried byAnother. I am spiritually
happy when I realize that my defiance is lifted and my guilt is gone!! If I am living
away from my Savior or His word I am not full of joy.
2. Sin Is A Defect 1b
Blessed is he whose sin is covered.
*Sin…a coming short…missing the mark…it indicates something is missing in one’s
life…A defect!For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Rom
As believers we miss the mark when we fail to obey in witnessing, praying, giving,
meeting God daily, or faithful attendance to God’s house.
*Covered…the blemish has been put out of sight…covered by God, not by me.
What can cover us from the all seeing eye of God? (Rom 3:25; I John 4:10, or I
John 2:1,2) Herein is love, not that we love God, but He loved us and sent His Son
to be the propitiation (satisfaction) for our sins.
I am spiritually happy when I realize my sin is covered before God. Keep sin
covered up and you’ll lose your joy!
3. Sin Is A Distortion 2a
Blessed is he whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity.
*Imputeth…to put to my account. It is a banking term when money is put to an
*Iniquity…‘perverseness’ from the Hebrew word: Bent or Crooked
Guilt is one way this is translated. The human spirit is bent or twisted. (Rom.
4. Sin Is a Deception 2b
Blessed is he in whose spirit there is no guile.
*There is no hypocrisy. Joy is when we are honest with ourselves and honest with
*There is no joy in wearing a mask…trying to be something we are not.
B. The Barrier In Forgiveness 3,4
1. His Neglect 3
*I kept silent…I failed to agree with God. I ignored my sin. His conscience would
not keep silent!
*My bones…the strongest part of him (this destroyed his vitality).
*Through my roaring…this is from within…from an unwillingness to confess sin.
Dissatisfaction…restless…aimless…lack of purpose…
2. His Negative 4
*For (reason for his roaring) day and night Thy hand was heavy upon him.
This was continuous…heavy pressure…God’s hand is a wonderful thing!
*My moisture is turned into the drought of summer. His juices of life are gone!
Unconfessed sin sapped his energy!
C. The Bounty of Forgiveness 5
1. His Confession 5a
*I acknowledge…I have no hidden…I confessed…the sin and the results (bitterness,
envy, lack of love) John Kurtz: I Am Redeemed
2. His Confidence 5b
*Forgiveness… “You are forgiven”…Have you lost your joy? Is there unconfessed
sin in your life? Are you harboring or covering up sin?

A. The Trouble 6
Let everyone who is godly pray unto Him in a time of finding.
David found a gem in vss. 1-5 and cannot keep quiet! In 1848 gold was discovered in
Sutter’s Creek, CA and word got around. There was a gold rush!
*In a time of finding…according to the Hebrew experts either God or grace and
forgiveness is meant. That time of finding…To the lost it is during your life time…one
minute after death it is too late! To the godly that sin…do confess quickly. Don’t
harbor it. Don’t hold on to it!
*In the floods of great waters…they shall not come near unto him.
David uses a ‘flood’ to describe trouble…sudden, overwhelming disasters won’t
cover you. He doesn’t say it won’t come up to your nose!
B. The Trust 7
Note the personal…my.
1. He Is My Shelter
This sanctuary is a hiding place…you are my hiding place.
In the Old Testament there were cities of refuge for those who had committed a
crime. The guilty could run there for safety. Jesus is my hiding place in the
floods of life.
2. He Is My Shield
Thou shalt preserve me from trouble…
*This is not saying that the believer won’t have trouble. As they flee, either one of two
things will happen. Both are found in Daniel: He will either stop the mouth of
the lions or save me through the fire.
*(II Cor. 12:9, 10) Thy grace is sufficient
3. He Is My Song
Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.
*As soldiers came home from battle crowds would line the streets and sing songs of
victory. You cannot have songs of deliverance without being in the fire and on the
firing line.
*Surrounded with melodies of mercy and grace You say, “I don’t feel victorious.”
*Listen to the songs of victory that flow from Calvary!

A. The Teacher 8 I will instruct (cause to act wisely) teach (show or direct) guide
(to counsel) We ought to be like a feather in the breeze sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
B. The Trouble 9
*Some are mule and horse types…don’t make the teacher use the rod!
*I learn from His that life is a joy.As I balk at His instruction, chastisement and misery

A. Many Sorrows 10a
*Broken homes…broken lives…shattered dreams!
B. Many Shouts 10b-11
Mercy shall encompass… ‘Be glad’ ‘Rejoice’ ‘Shout for joy’These are right with God

Joy Is From Him!
There is joy in serving Jesus!
Joy is the overflow of a walk with God!

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