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"Christian" series
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  • Freedom Community Church
    12980 Queen Chapel Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22193, USA
    Saturday 11:15 AM

Grace & Truth (BALANCE)

Moms many times do balance these best...very fitting on Mother's Day !!

Being a Christian includes living out the balance of GRACE and TRUTH
--Crowd is gathering, "both" sides: Grace & Truth....interesting. :-)

Jesus addresses them on COMMON GROUND

Parable of the Lost Sheep
--whole crowd, still agreeing...this is weird. :-)
--all of them had lost something (we can relate too)

Jesus SHOWS them GOD'S grace and truth.

Parable of the Lost Son
--...whole crowd on edge of their seat...still agreeing....fill in the blank with what son's father was filled with: ANGER !!

--not what father was filled with, Jesus said COMPASSION

--whole crowd still agreeing...looking around, nodding together....let's let the story end at Feed pigs...getting what he deserved (truth). each group understood sons disgracing their fathers, fool squandering!!

--But, this parable is Earthly story with a heavenly meaning...Jesus is telling them how Our Heavenly Father & His Kingdom is!!

--prodigal son repented, received GRACE, not TRUTH (what he deserved)

God could not love us MORE
Nothing we do will cause Him to love us LESS

Take this in! Own it for yourself!

…When we get this: Sin will break our hearts (not reaction of anger anymore)
Repentance will stir our hearts
Maybe you feel like the older son / maybe you're a prodigal: Either way, God is speaking to you!!