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"I obey; therefore, I'm accepted."

"I'm accepted; therefore, I obey."
Motivation is based on fear and insecurity.

Motivation is based on grateful joy.
I obey God in order to get things from God.

I obey God to get God—to delight in and resemble him.
When circumstances in my life go wrong, I am angry at God or myself, since I believe that anyone who is good deserves a comfortable life.

When circumstances in my life go wrong, I struggle, but I know all my punishment fell on Jesus and that while God may allow this for my training, he will exercise his Fatherly love within my trial.
My identity and self-worth are based mainly on how hard I work, or how moral I am—and so I must look down on those I perceive as lazy or immoral.

My identity and self-worth are centered on the one who died for me. I am saved by sheer grace, so I can’t look down on those who believe or practice something different from me. Only by grace am I what I am.

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Discussion Questions

In what ways do you attempt to gain God's favor by works?

What do you believe to be the default mode of the human heart?

What specific steps could you take to live for God's sake, rather than for your own sake?