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Letters from Prison - Philippians
Our new series is called "Letters from Prison" - which is a study of Paul's prison epistles. One of these prison epistles is the book of Philippians. It's predominant theme is "joy." Have you ever talked to someone and they said to you, “I just want to be happy. I want to enjoy life. I want to be able to laugh again; to see the beauty that I’m now living. I just want my family to get along. I want my important relationships to work right. I want to understand life purpose better.” Quite honestly, we have probably all said these things to ourselves at one time or another. This series is for all of us who have ever had thoughts like this. It’s about releasing the tension that is already there and learning how not to create more relational tension going forward. It’s about refusing to allow circumstances to dominate our attitudes. And ironically enough, the words to Philippians were written by an incarcerated man! Welcome to Stones Hill Community Church and Online Notes!
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Letters from Prison - Philippians
Paul uses five terms to describe Epaphroditus...
1. A Brother
2. A Fellow Worker
3. A Fellow Soldier
4. A Messenger
5. A Minister
Epaphroditus made some key decisions which each allowed him to give his very best:
1. He was a People Lover
Question: Do you long for people?
2. He was a Risk Taker
Question: Do you play it safe?
3. He was a Tireless Worker
Question: Do you work tirelessly?
4. He was a Servant-Leader
Question: Do you lead the way in some area of service?

How do you build a golden bridge for someone to come back home?
(with help from John C. Maxwell and Les Parrott III)
1. Start With Yourself – who built a golden bridge for you?
2. Practice the 30 Second Rule. Say something encouraging in the first 30 seconds. Philippians 1-Paul’s joy focused.
3. Let People Know You Need Them. Paul did with the Philippians.
4. Create a Memory and Visit It Often – Paul did this in his prayer for them.
5. Compliment People In Front of People – Paul supports Epaphroditus publicly.
6. Give Others a Reputation to Uphold – Those Philippians were in elite company.
7. Say the Right Words at Right Time – Paul was a master at the timely word.
8. Encourage the Dream of Others – They wanted a stake in this Gospel Enterprise.
9. Pass the Credit Onto Others – Paul gave the Philippians a lot of credit.
10. Offer Your Very Best – Epaphroditus gave all he had and then some.
11. Share a Secret With Someone – Paul told them they were the only ones that helped him.
12. Mine the Gold of Good Intentions – Paul affirmed their intentions.
13. Keep Your Eyes Off the Mirror – Paul never felt sorry for himself.
14. Do for Others What They Can’t Do for Themselves – Paul was in a position to bestow honor and he did.
15. Listen With Your Heart – Paul knew how much this meant to them.
16. Be the First to Help – Philippians jumped on this opportunity.
17. Add Value to People – By the time Paul is done, Epaphroditus is a hero.
18. Remember a Person’s Story – Paul knew their story of Acts 16.
19. Give With No Strings Attached – Philippians made no demands.
20. Write Notes of Encouragement – That’s why we have Philippians.
21. Live so as to be missed.

How do you do that? By becoming a brother or sister to those in this family around you; By becoming a fellow laborer in our common mission and a fellow soldier with common courage to represent Christ and His gospel; By becoming a messenger boy whose great delight is in serving someone; talking about someone else; living for someone else; By risking all that you are – for all that Christ is – for all that Christ’s church can become..

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