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Dear Christ Wesleyan,
The question is often asked, “If your church no longer exists, would anyone in your community notice?” Well, let me respond with a resounding, “Yes!” Now, let me take this opportunity to explain why I am so confident of my response. Because of you…we have been able to reach more people with the presence of Jesus than ever before! Because of you, we have served both our community and our fellowship in tangible ways that are making a difference. Because of you and our “bridge-building” ministries, we had more than 20,000 individual people who have been on our campus during the past year. This could have never taken place without the hands and feet of hundreds of volunteers serving in a host of different ways.
Many of our ministries are “bridge-building” opportunities to our world. Bridge building may open the door for someone to want to know more about Jesus; bridge building may be those opportunities of serving our community, and we may never know the significance of the impact; bridge building may see direct results and get the opportunity to disciple. Those “bridge-building” ministries at CW include: The Well Ministries, Meadowbrook Christian School, Christ Wesleyan Theatre Productions, Spanish Ministry, Food Pantry, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, outreach events, our website and social media platforms, concerts, Marriage Ministry, and missions that are offered locally, nationally, and internationally! There are also support ministries that assist in equipping us to excellently fulfill this mission. Those teams would be our Facilities team, the IT team, Media Arts team, the Finance team, and a number of other support teams.
We are blessed to have over 125 part-time and full-time team members within three major areas of Christ Wesleyan’s ministry: direct church ministries, Meadowbrook, and The Well Ministries. Each of these team members play their part in helping us to Gather, Grow, Give, and Go!
I like to think of this team as “Difference Makers” who are making a difference in the lives of people in a variety of ways. We don’t always know the significance of our investments, but for those that we do, we know we are making a difference. I like the quote that says, “Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God!” –Perry Noble. With that in mind, let me share some of those numbers that might assist us to identify how that difference is happening. I felt it might be helpful to see some of the ways we are reaching the whole person through our ministries. Because of you…
We donated $47,437 to disaster relief and 5 ½ truckloads of water to Texas and Puerto Rico. We donated $40,392 toward clean water in Sierra Leone. Our Well Coffee House has collected in donations, $11,000 toward wells, since its opening. In sales of humankind products at The Well, we have given 1,263,800 gallons of clean water to third world countries. Our Food Pantry has given away 174,500 pounds of food and missions have given over 10,000 pounds in Guatemala. Our Benevolence Fund gave away nearly $40,000 to families in need or crisis. Your tithes and offering giving reached the highest yet, $3.3 million, equipping us to do all of this and more. Because of you…we are grateful.
We are ministering at times of need to our congregation at many levels. Stephen Ministry, a one-on-one care ministry, walked with people in crisis. GriefShare, DivorceCare, DivorceCare for Kids, and Cancer Hope Support Network are all support opportunities to strengthen emotional stability. Our professional counseling ministry, through Wellness Care, had 705 client sessions and continues to grow. Because of you…we have been able to offer care!
There are a host of ways to expand our thoughts as we believe that “changing the way you think” is all part of the transformational life of a believer. We offer a variety of opportunities to strengthen our journey. Over 852 people have been involved in groups or classes during the past year. 574 people or families are now accessing RightNow Media as a source of help in their homes. Meadowbrook Christian School experienced a record enrollment of 417 from 6 counties and 19 school districts. We are so proud of Meadowbrook as it is the only Christian school accredited within a 60-mile radius and their students are scoring more than 200 points above National norms. Because of you…we have been able to offer these opportunities.
This past year we saw an average attendance on campus of 1562 giving us the opportunity to reach each one with the saving message of Christ and an opportunity for discipleship. There were 724 first-time decisions for Christ made this past year. Of those decisions, 288 were local and 436 were international. Our Youth Ministry and Children’s Ministry is developing our next generation in discipleship and spiritual growth. Our youth reached 404 different teens this year and our Children’s Ministry reached 984 different children. Our Media Arts teams equipped us with the ability to reach all 50 states and 113 countries with a Gospel presence online! Our Spanish Ministry continues to reach our immediate Spanish population, as well as, a Bible study in Williamsport. Pastor Immer is also expanding his presence in the district and with an internet radio around the world. Because of you…we are expanding the population of heaven!
Our heart is to care for people whenever there is a need before us. This past year, our Relational Care office extended care to 325 people going through hospitalizations, cancer treatment, grief, hospice, nursing homes, and homebound. Embrace Your Journey is a support group for caregivers. Our Marriage Ministry reaches couples preparing to marry, couples wanting to make their marriages better, and mentoring couples on a one-year journey. Because of you…we are able to provide support and care for hundreds in particular times of their lives.
As we walk into the future, we ask for your prayers. Pray that God will give us wisdom as we seek to reach more people with the life-changing message of Jesus. It is our desire to have a greater presence in additional local communities and we are asking God for wisdom in this endeavor. We are seeking to make decisions about our future building expansions and renovations and we need God’s wisdom as we seek to be a ministry with a future vision. It is always our desire to be wise in the ways that we minister.
For 37 years, Sharon and I have counted it an honor to serve you as your Lead Pastor and wife! We could not ask for a more supportive congregation or supportive team with which to work. Your prayers, words of encouragement, cards, gifts, and many acknowledgements are valued more than words could tell. Thank you for the privilege of serving each of you.
Gratefully serving together,
Pastor Arlie

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